Friday, November 5, 2010

A big thanks to all who said hi....

Wow I am thrilled that you dropped in and said hi on my first WOYWW.  Now that will inspire me to keep persevering with the blog.  Thank you, thank you and a big thank you.

Lots of lovely surprises when I got home, a small package with my new ribbons from 2 gypsy girls and the washing dried.   Yeahhhh...  Dear H cannot understand why either make me happy.  But then golf and ebay bidding just don't do it for me.

Off to the Penrith Paper festival on Saturday and will  have to buy those few little extras that I am sure I can't do without.  Well you know how it is ... christmas coming and I have to prepare.

A little photo of the cat.  Would not open her eyes no matter how many times I called, shock the bed etc.

Next photo will be of the essential buying on Saturday.


  1. Hehehe A little camera shy maybe?. Gorgeous cat.
    A x

  2. She is pure cat ... my way or no way.

  3. She is gorgeous! I hope you know that ginger females are quite rare... I had one until she died a couple of years ago aged 22! She was called Miss Rogers (get it?) and we used to say that she tap danced when we weren't looking! We called her Missy for short. She came to us with her name when we homed her for a friend who was emigrating.
    JoZarty x