Wednesday, November 3, 2010

WOYWWD and current projects

I have loved having a peek at everyones WOYWDW  and thought I would give it a go.  So here it is.

The current project out so I can quickly take a photo of my version of the gorgeous advent tags that are on the "one Lucky Day" blog.  (One day I will learn how to link to other blogs or teenage children might take pity on me and help!!)  I don't have the list of products used on the "one lucky day" blog so have just been using what I have in my stash.  A good way to use up all those bits and pieces and try to be a bit more creative.
So far quite happy with how they are turning out.  Only slightly resembling the gorgeous advent tags.  Mine have a distinct home made glow?


  1. oh wow love these tags,they are really stunning such beautiful designs,,hugs cheryl xxxxxxxxxx 21

  2. Love these tags, they look amazing.

  3. Welcome Sandra and welcome to the world of blogging too! Your desk looks lovely and colourful, look forward to seeing some more of it next week! Love the tags too.

    Brenda 87

  4. Hi ya Sandra
    welcome to WOYWW, enjoy ya snoop,
    wow your tags are gorgeous, have great day,happy WOYWW, sue,(17)x

  5. What Are You On About????

    Home made look?

    those tags are truly amazing -

    and most people would NOT have the courage to use a substitute from the 'tutorial' I wish more tutors would explain that products can be substituted if you understand the properties of the products and use similar..... and offer alternatives - still I suppose some are pushing product rather than teaching Art?

    hope we see you again next week maybe?

    dx 46

  6. Your tags are just YUMMMY!! Love them all!

  7. Those tags are just fine! The whole point of home made is that it's HOME MADE, not perfect and not shop bought.... fret not!

  8. Welcome to the WOYWW madness. Your tags are really stunning.
    A x

  9. Nothing better than a homemade glow!
    Stunning tags!

  10. Hi Sandra and welcome to WOYWW! Love your tags and they will make a fab banner when you get them all together. Lovely keepsake. I look forward to seeing more!
    JoZarty x

  11. hi sandra, glad you could join us at WOYWW. your tags are lovely and seem a great way to use up extra stash. caroline #16

  12. Sandra, welcome to WOYWW - I'm only on week 3 myself. Thanks for sharing your workspace. Best wishes, Kym xxx (WOYWW No 36)

  13. Welcome to WOYWW.. I love the tags you made here.. So pretty!

  14. Welcome to WOYWW. You are going to love it here. These tags are amazing. I think you are quite creative. I love how you didn't do exactly what the instructions said. I often have to "substitute" because I don't have the product that others have used. But that is the fun of altered art and yours is simply stunning.

    Sorry I'm late getting here. You would think being #1, I could get around quicker. Happy belated WOYWW.