Thursday, December 30, 2010

Goodbye 2010

Final post for 2010 and what a lot to give thanks for; blue skies, teenage antics, new kitty, loving family and friends, good health and time to create.  I don't think it could be better .... although I think I left out meeting like minded souls through the web.  Such fun.
I have added a purple version to the damask atc and then was called to help the teenager.

Shock horror she has never taken an interest in my craft activities.  On occasion she will comment on the crafted item, sometimes sweetly other times with a dash of acid.   But today was different.  She asked if I could help her make some signs for her friend's end of year party. I stopped what I was doing and I tried to play it cool and not overwhelm her with my enthusiasm.  Handed out paint, glimmer, stamps, glue, bling whatever she wanted.  Her ideas ... I gently offered suggestions and loads of product choice (my stash is bursting out of the cupboards).   I have no idea what the signs are for but, was thrilled to be asked to help.

She was happy with the end result and even said it was fun.  I thought it too early to open the champagne so had a cup of tea instead.

Have a wonderful new year and hope to see you in 2011.


  1. So nice when one of your children actually asks you to share in something with you. Someday you will sit together and wonder why it took so long to get there. Teenagers go through so many, many stages and what a trip along the way. #75

  2. Check my blog for a nice surprise!
    JoZarty x