Wednesday, December 15, 2010

WOYWW - she is cream and green and fabulous!!

Christmas cards made, written and in the post!!! That was exhausting.  There was a moment when I did think "I'm over it."  But I pushed through and the handmade cards are on there way to friends and family.  Now to some serious peaking at WOYWW.  I am seriously in love with my new cream/green bug.  Loving all the embossing folders my fave at this stage is birds and swirls  and a range of borders called with love.  Tried and tried to find swiss dots (sold out, you are right Ciara it is everyones favourite) bought polka dots instead.  Tried a couple of TH embossing folders love the flourish  not so enamoured with the damask.  Having a lovely time embossing and realising it doesn't take a lot to keep me happy. Enough rambling here she is .......
Also including a pic of the Christmas tree which I finally got up and decorated even though the family thought it was soooo uncool.  Teenagers what do they know?  I also dragged out the paperbag "pudding" made by the uncool teenager when in preschool.  It is the only craft thing she ever made that resembled the said object.  Poor tree is looking a little worse for wear being cramped in the box for a good 11 months.  So far Kitty has left it all alone.  Enough rambling I'm off to see all the other WOYWW.


  1. I have a tree full of memories too amd that to me is what Christmas is all about :-)
    If you fancy being in with a chance to win a little knitted Christmas bear and haven't already put your name down then pop over to my blog to be in with a chance :-)
    A x

  2. Thanks for the peek and sharing your wonderful space. Hugs, Marjo #25

  3. Aw hUn - you got the wrong Kinda teenager - mine adore the Kitsch Stuff,

    try this with the damask folder - get a piece os card that if you tear it - it would have a white 'inside' - card where the colour does not go all the way through - only the surface is dyed - put this though the CB then sand paper the embossed surface - then put some stickle glitter on your finger and rub it over - gorgeous -

    I will post a video with me singing along to the the sound of music tomorrow doing it (the embossing) as described as a demo if you want?

    and indeedy WOYWW is a tonic


  4. Thanks for the peek at your desk and your tree. So festive! S #84

  5. Thanks for sharing your space and the peek at your tree Hugs Pam x

  6. Have fun with the machine. Those texture fades can surprise you sometimes. Your tree is darling, heck, if the teens didn't help decorate it then they have no business having an opinion. rofl After all the spirit of the tree transcends all.
    Vicki #94

  7. I love die cutting machines - they take crafting to a new level don't they?

  8. Is it a Cuttlebug? I have one and it is great for mine about three years ago.

    I don't want high tech, but I love my Cuttlebug.
    That is one good job done to have your cards in the post.
    Sue xx 86

  9. I wouldn't want to be without my bug! It stays at my right hand ALWAYS!
    Like you I love embossing folders and I think Swiss dots is my fave too!
    Chrissie #1

  10. thanks for the peek at your desk .Have fun with the CB!
    hugs judex3

  11. Glad to hear you’re having fun with your new toy and there looks to be quite a few embossing samples lying on your desk.
    Can’t wait to see what you make with them.


  12. Glad that you're enjoying your new Bug. Hope your kit doesn't find anything too interesting on the tree. Ours just used to be flicky tailed when something tall and green infiltrated their favourite corner.

    Bernie #29

  13. Yes, that cream and green lady is very cool....she lives at my house, too, but mine complains that I don't vary the mix enough. She knows there r some fab folders that haven't been used yet, so I've got to appease her soon! Congrats on getting your cards done! I designed mine 17 days ago and today is the day I start cranking out the parts. Wish me luck....*smile*
    PS thx for visiting me!

  14. Sounds like you are well organised... tree too... amazing! Thanks for sharing,
    JoZarty x

  15. Yes, SD is the most popular folder but there are so many others that I like as well. Thanks for the look around.

  16. Glad you like the bug - gotta say it's my 2nd most used tool...have you got the snoflakes folder - it sorta looks like polka dots but entirely random..I made it do until I could find swiss dots!

  17. Once again I'm playing WOYWW catch-up. I had a computer meltdown and didn't know where I had left off in the numbers.

    I may have to get one of those, since I can't use any dies except the big red Sizzex ones in mine. And I am SO with you on forging ahead with cards. I'm STILL working on mine! Happy belated from # 4.

  18. I'm in love with the embossing folder so I am with you on things that can keep you happy - Love your tree Nicky ~ 15

  19. Happy Late WOYWW! Thanks for popping past my blog to check out my desk!
    I have a wall where I hang all of my kids handmade decorations and as they are only 5 and 7 they still love it! Might end up being a revenge thing when they are teenagers!
    Susan xxox #16

  20. Sorry I'm so late in visiting this week but I enyed your post. I just got a blue and crm cuttlebug and I LOVE it. It is my new fav toy along with my TH mini stampler. :) NAn#20