Friday, January 7, 2011

Crayon resist atc

Almost finished the crayon resist ATC for the darkroom door swap.  I actually liked doing a technique themed swap this time around.

 If you go to rachel's blog you can find details of her swaps and cards using her stamps.  The more I look at the pic the more I think I should add some beading to the ribbon???  Ummmm I think I have to add some beading, the ribbon looks very tacked on the end.  Why is it tacked on?  Because the stamp is not the right size for an atc but, I didn't think to measure before i stuck it down!!

Also a card made using the sample atc.  I generally make a sample so that I can play around before I decide what to do.  If it turns out half decent then it becomes a card otherwise straight in the bin.  Sometimes kitty has a good chew before it lands  in the bin so nothing is ever wasted.



  1. These are fabulous projects! I love the stamp and the colours are just perfect!
    Did you use the crayon resist technique on the flower itself?

  2. Hi, thanks for your visit to my blog... since I visited yours yesterday I've ordered a set of these stamps... that's how much your work impressed me! Although I have several sets of Darkroom Door stamps already, I can't wait for these to arrive!

  3. Can I be the tard who asks if you have a tutorial on how to do the crayon resist? I LOVE IT.

  4. Hi Sandra, I love the ATCs. If you think they need some more embellishing how about throwing some microbeads on the ribbon? That would be quite subtle but would work nicely, I think.