Saturday, April 30, 2011

Card making

 I don't have any children's birthday cards so I spent some time making a couple in different colours.  I  have not added any sentiments at this stage. But, will add an arrow pointing to the age when I have checked how old the little fellow will be on his birthday.  3 or 4 surely not 5 ... time flies.  I can vaguely remember when the teenagers were at that cute stage a very long time ago!!

The final she art girl is complete.  So this is an updated photo after lots of rub-ons, stamps and paint were added.
Now working on an ATC swap and will post photos once I have played around with a few ideas.


  1. Love the finished canvas and I have to say that I may borrow that inch tape age idea from that fun card ...great if one makes a few cards in reserve and then arrows the age when needed...clever

  2. The tape measure age thing is a great idea! Love your she art girl. How many are there now? Can you make a display of them? I think they are on canvases, aren't they? Thanks for your kind words re. Nat's workshop canvas. I did enjoy making it. And you were right about the colours turning to "mud" if you weren't careful. Mine didn't but I was only one or two sprays away from doing that, I'm sure. I've had some time this weekend, so have run with similar ideas. Will put on blog when finished, maybe a bit later.