Wednesday, November 30, 2011

woyww- paints and inks

Not one christmas card has even been thought of since last wednesday.   I had good intentions but got diverted playing around with india ink and paints.  At this rate I will have gifts but no cards!  DD asked for a new drawing for her room and of course I drop everything when one of your own take an interest in anything crafty.

Off to see the wonderful world Julia has created through woyww.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

woyww - leaf stamps

Really liking the new stamps from Dylusions.  I have stamped them on old book pages and was colouring the leaves when I remembered to stop and take a photo.  I am thinking of using them for the last page of my art calendar journal. I have been following Kate Crane's site since the beginning of the year and decided to join in and now I can't believe I have nearly finished.  The bonus being I have a calendar journal with all the little details of what we have been doing this year.

Clever Morti correctly guessed that the "brown thingy" on my desk from last week was a wood carved fabric stamp.  A little gift is flying her way.

Hopefully by next woyww I will have started a few xmas cards.   I am sure I will get some inspiration from visiting all the other woywwers today.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Clever Morti

Clever Morti .... not only can she re-piece shredded documents she can also identify UFO's on the other side of the world.  She correctly guessed that my "thingy" was a wood carved stamp used for fabric printing.   I love the pattern and the fact that it has been hand carved and comes from Bangladesh.  But, even better the person who made this wooden stamp is paid fairly and able to continue to produce their artisan products in this age of hi tech.

Morti please send me your addie via email and a little gift is flying your way.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

woyww - new goodies

The light is terrible in this photo and I am starting to wonder if I even know how to reset my camera to the default settings.  Somewhere along the way all my tinkering has left me with shades of yellow or grey.  I should find the manual or ask the teenagers who know how to operate all digital equipment and probably caused the problem in the first place.

But what is on my desk?  Some new goodies that arrived today, new big brush pens, stencils, paint, stamps and brushes.  Getting ready for my new online class with Christy Tomlinson.  In the background you can see a small canvas that I have gessoed stencilled and then sprayed with glimmermist  ( a la RosA).  If you look to the right of my desk light I have a small india ink drawing that I was playing with.  Just an idea that i tried out and will rework on the larger canvas from last week for the hospital competition.  Can't show you the finished piece until I enter.  Now if you are wondering what the brown leaf shaped thing is  next to the magazine .....please have a guess.   I will send the first correct guess/comment a little gift.  

Off to see what everyone else has been doing on woyww

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

woyww - a new canvas

Not a lot of detail showing in this photo but this is my desk very early Wednesday morning.  I have just finished one project and ready to start another.  Yes, it is dark and very late.... seems to be the only time I create.

The canvas will be for the "Hospitals Got Talent" exhibition to be held at the end of the year.  A lovely exhibition that showcases all the amazing staff who spend their spare time creatively.  I entered a photograph (red bridge in Hanoi) a few years ago and this year I will do a mixed media piece.

The only other thing on my desk is a set of ATC's for the paperarts swap.    All finished and ready to be posted next week.  Quite chuffed with myself.... keeping up with the calendar journal, finished the ATC swap and working on the canvas.  I almost think I have time to spare ... until I remember I should sleep.

Then up bright and early to see the amazing "sculptures by the sea".  A few pics of my favourites.

 Now back to woyww site to see even more amazing creations.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November page

Completed the November calendar journal page following Kate's style.   It has been a great challenge to try lots of different styles and jot down a brief point of what I achieved in the day.  At times it all looks a little repetitive i.e, work, dinner, family, reading, art etc, etc.  I suppose that is my life at the moment and it is good to look back and see stability and not too much drama and angst!  If you are wondering what I am rambling about check out Kate's blog.