Saturday, December 31, 2011

flower doodles 2012

A relaxing beginning to 2012.  Starting with some time spent at my desk just playing with paint, drawing freestyle flowers that still have a christmas feel. 

The whole process is quite relaxing.  I am using white and gold acrylic paint on canvas.  I just have to take care not to smudge so I am constantly turning the canvas as I draw.  Will try to buy some white acrylic ink as it dries quickly and I don't have to worry about smudges.  But for now acrylics seem to be working.

 I will keep painting and see how it goes and if it all ends in a mess I can just paint over the canvas again.  The canvas started as a collage with book paper and crumpled tissue (didn't like the colours) then I painted some poppies and now the flowers.  A crafter's version of recycling.

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