Tuesday, January 31, 2012

woyww- Craft 1/Cleaning 0

Up early and I took a pic of my desk with the beginnings of a small collection of cardstock, papers, photos ribbons and some embellishments for a layout of our holiday in San Francisco.  This small collection will eventually turn into an amazing pile of stash that starts to cover every surface.  San Francisco would have to be one of the loveliest cities we visited in the States last year.  The weather caught me off guard but, the city itself was beautiful, friendly, fun and relaxed.  Actually it had a similar feel to Sydney ... maybe that is why I loved it so much.   

Last week I was working on the distress ink background for an ATC and here she is all complete. 

 I also made another of Laura Carson's Accordian ATC books for a small swap and I am pleased with the end result. I am hoping this has already arrived at its destination.  Now, if your initials are TFK and you don't like to spoil a surprise turn away now.  If you are like me and can never leave a pressie untouched before the big day keep scrolling down.

All in all a productive week if you include crafting but a total loss if you think a clean house is important.  I wonder if other WOYWW'S have been creating rather than cleaning....

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

mojo monthly ATC

My entry for Sarah's mojo monthly for January.  This month is looking at ATC's.  I love the size as you can try any technique and then just play around.   The small size means it is finished in a short space of time.  Like Sarah I always keeps scraps in a box and whenever I am working on an ATC I usually find a scrap of something that will fit an ATC.

For this ATC I dry embossed the cardstock using a flower embossing sleeve from "stampin up" then heat embossed with "moon glow" embossing powder.  Finished it all off by adding an old photobooth pic from "darkroom door" and a piece of german scrap and of course a little bling.

woyww -running late

Holidays have come to an end so I only have odds and ends to show on my desk.  Craft time is now very early in the morning or late at night.  Working on another ATC technique.  Using gloss card with a distress background, the alcohol inks are used to change the colour of some german scraps.
A pic of the completed butterfly canvas.  I not only sneaked in green but also a bit of pink.  The teenager was appalled that I added microbeads and at that point I stopped as the huffing and puffing over my shoulder was quite distracting.

Now for something a little different to the butterfly theme.  Another ATC.  I had used glue to give some dimension to the background on the piece of card.  Once the glue was dry I painted the background with black acrylic paint.  The paint separated from the glue and I was left with a speckled background.  Not what I had planned but after adding a stamped image, word and metal embellishment I thought the background was unique.  Apologies for the blurred pic but the ATC has so many raised objects that it was hard to scan.
Wishing all the OZ woyww a very happy Australia Day.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

woyww - canvas

A request for another canvas has me at my desk once again working on building layers of glimmermist over a gessoed canvas.  
This is the first coat of the "Patina"colour over the stencilled area.  Strict instructions that it must be blue and only blue.  But, I will sneak a little green onto the canvas when the teenager leaves the room. 

My final project is a completed ATC using texture paste as the background, then painted and stamped.  I am really enjoying Kelsey's ATC technique book.  

Off to visit Julia's WOYWW and admire all the other wonderful desks.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

woyww -bits and pieces

Layout of son's 18th birthday celebration which consisted of:  3 friends, "COD", cake and beer.  Only got the photo because the 3 friends made him stand still for mum to take a photo.  The 18 year old is definitely not into making a fuss and runs in the opposite direction if he sees me with a camera.  He is definitely a child of a scrapbooker!

Lots of blog hopping since last woyww and I even completed a few projects.  It may just be me ... but, I spend too much time looking at wonderful blogs and what others create rather than making my own.  But 2012 will be different.....
  Starting with a wonderful tutorial for an ATC accordian book by Artfully Musing.  Yes, colours are similar to the birthday LO and that would be because I was too lazy to put things away so used papers and scraps.

Inside shot of the book.  Quite pleased how it came together and definitely a project that I will try again.

Finally the Acetate ATC.  All in all a productive week and I even managed to get time to keep reading and I do agree the book is always better than the DVD.

Off to visit the wonderful world of desks via Julia ......

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

woyww and what you see.

Hope everyone has had a wonderful new year and looking forward to another year of desk hopping curtesy of the lovely Julia. 

So what is on my desk?   A whole lot of nothing?  Or a whole lot of projects?   Depends which side of  the desk you sit on.  Let me walk you through it all.... anticlockwise.

Starting with the teenager's formal photos ready to be scrapped. An envelope still waiting to be mailed for an ATC swap.  A completed canvas of flower doodles that I started on the weekend. The book I am going to read ..."Atonement".  Loved the dvd so now going backwards and reading the book. A list of other books I might like to read.   Just above the list a beautiful card from the lovely Roslyn which came with gifts of embellishments, fibres and notebook.  There is a project in that little bag of goodies just waiting to happen. Right next to my glasses a pile of ATC's that for once in my life I have completed way before they are due.  I now realise they probably shouldn't be in the photo.  Oh well we move on to,  a little bottle of glimmermist which I looooove and considering buying it in bulk because I use it on everything.  

 The final thing on my desk is a piece of plastic left over from some packaging.  I will be turning that little piece of plastic into an "altered acetate ATC".  Wow try typing that quickly!!  All these bits and pieces are lying on an old envelope that I use to protect the mat while I mess with paint, wax, glue etc. etc.

Now if you are a woyww you can see my desk is full of potential.  If you have stumbled onto my blog via some cyber error you would probably agree with my family....... "it still looks like a whole lot of nothing!!"