Saturday, February 18, 2012

Beautiful A Tea C's swap

The most beautiful package from Tracey was waiting for me when I came home from work.  I was so excited I didn't even get a pic of the lovely package as I tore it apart ...oops.  I have been visiting Tracey Fletcher King's  wonderful blog for awhile.  Her blog posts always make me laugh with her life/ work perspective and she also drinks tea.

 So being a crafter who loves to laugh and drinks tea it was only natural to ask if she would like a mini tea themed swap.    The lovely Trace said yes and she has sent me the most wonderful atc's.  
How lucky am I?  
But, there was still more ...
  It has been an absolute delight to receive such gorgeous artwork from Trace.  Just saying "thank you" really isn't enough to express how thrilled I am with the beautiful tea themes atc's, notebook and card.

So I have to say... grazie, doh je, tak, merci, toda, danke, da blu, and ookini....


  1. It was my pleasure Sandra and so glad that you liked them... your book is so lovely and has pride of place in the new studio space... wish I could say you're welcome in a million different languages... have a wonderful week...xx

  2. I love Tracey's work and just seeing them here made me smile. What a wonderful swap!