Tuesday, April 24, 2012

woyww - atc'

An early morning shot of my desk with all the atc's I have made for a swap coming up in May.  I have given up trying to be very original when it is a big swap.  I tend to stay with one design but will use different colours.
A close up of the atc's made by covering a floral stencil in gesso, sprayed with inks and when dry some bling and words.  Easy peasy.

Off to visit the wonderful world of woyww created by Julia.  I had no idea Julia was planning an ATC swap!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

woyww- scraps and frogs

Thanks to all the woyww suggestions for making and findingcogs.   Three small cogs near my cup of tea is the result of trying Shoshi's idea of casting cogs in resin.  I had to make do with a plasticine base/mold as the craft store didn't have the silicone putty in stock.  All in all pleased with the results as I can see hundreds of uses for the casting resin and an endless supply of cogs and wheels.  I won't be casting the frogs but nibbling while waiting for the resin to set.....

I am also working on a couple of ATC's and have got stuck trying to find a pithy quote for the fish ATC.     DH suggested something horrible about a porthole!  I am ignoring him ... and the best I could come up with is "all men are equal before fish" which I like but, no clue what  it means.  I can be so concrete at times but not as rude as DH.

The last frangipani on our tree which pretty much blew off the tree after I took the photo.  Autumn has arrived in our part of the world with rain, cold weather and gusty winds.  Time to check the wonderful world of desks created by Julia.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

woyww- cogs anywhere

I do apologies for not getting around to visit woyww last week.  Time was spent catching up with family and friends who all came to farewell my father-in-law.  A big thank you for all the kind wishes.
 It always catches me by surprise that life just keeps going on at a very rapid pace when at the same time it has stopped for someone else.  

Not a lot on my desk apart from some cogs that I am trying to remove from an old toy.  I have another steampunk ATC to make in a couple of months so I am looking everywhere for cogs.  I mean everywhere .... old toys, ebay, cyber space and DH's shed.  You would think with 3 motorbikes there would be a cog in there somewhere but, he says "definitely not ... out you go."

On the left of the desk you can see a collection of "textile themed" ATC's from the paperarts swap.  All different and all so interesting.

Now to visit woywww and continue my search for cogs.  You can never have enough cogs.