Tuesday, April 10, 2012

woyww- scraps and frogs

Thanks to all the woyww suggestions for making and findingcogs.   Three small cogs near my cup of tea is the result of trying Shoshi's idea of casting cogs in resin.  I had to make do with a plasticine base/mold as the craft store didn't have the silicone putty in stock.  All in all pleased with the results as I can see hundreds of uses for the casting resin and an endless supply of cogs and wheels.  I won't be casting the frogs but nibbling while waiting for the resin to set.....

I am also working on a couple of ATC's and have got stuck trying to find a pithy quote for the fish ATC.     DH suggested something horrible about a porthole!  I am ignoring him ... and the best I could come up with is "all men are equal before fish" which I like but, no clue what  it means.  I can be so concrete at times but not as rude as DH.

The last frangipani on our tree which pretty much blew off the tree after I took the photo.  Autumn has arrived in our part of the world with rain, cold weather and gusty winds.  Time to check the wonderful world of desks created by Julia.


  1. Well done with the cogs, that sure is the long way round solution that wouldn't have crossed my mind! There is a quote about your subject, but it's derogatory - women need men like fish need bicycles - ...not quite what your ATC image says to me! Got a bit excited when I saw the purple packaging of the resin - thought Cadbury were selling bulk Freddo!

  2. What a good idea to set the cogs in resin.
    A x #68

  3. Had to smile at the end of your posting about Autumn - it's spring here and it's cold and wet but then that is all we seem to get - well most of the time.
    If ever I come to Oz I will definitely give you a call, all my immediate rellies are over there.
    Great to know that the plasticine worked for the mould - much cheaper alternative although not able to keep.
    Thanks for sharing - and your comment on my blog. Thanks for the number too - makes it so much easier. Hugs, Neeet #10 again xx

  4. I thought Frangipani was a cake - like a bakewell tart! Love the ATC image, and for some reason I was very envious of your desk (I didn't spot the Freddie Frogs at that point), I felt like I wanted to work there today! #99

  5. "Marge was put on iceberg watch, but the crew doubted the efficacy of her fish-throwing technique"....

    Love the picture! Good luck with the cogs....

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Morti #4

  6. Great desk wish lots of goings on!
    The one that got away, with the one that didn't!
    Quite a catch, isn't she?
    Never mind the pong but I prefer Chanel!
    She wishes she could catch a man as easily!
    Lots of love joZarty x

  7. How's about:
    'She wished she could sing like Celine Dion but couldn't carry a tuna!'
    Courtesy of my DH
    Hugs, LLJ #3 xx

    1. ROFLROFLROFL The best yet!!! Love it. Hubbies...


    2. ROFL - I'd agree with that perfectly!

  8. Yep, looks like lots of creativity happens here! Good job finding the cogs....don't know that I'd even know where to look. woyww#62

  9. Well done with cogs. "good cod"? Sorry!

  10. What a wonderful post, Sandra - I was chuckling all the way through! Frogs and cogs - don't go eating the wrong ones lol!! (What do you get when you breed your own gearwheels? Cogspawn!!) So glad my suggestion about making your own helped. They are Such Fun to do!!

    Your ATC made me think of the card my hubby bought for his friend yesterday - both of them love boats, and his friend is a boat fanatic, and his wife's motto over the years must have been "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em..." Anyway, this card said "Wanted - Woman to cook and clean fish, dig worms and make love. Must have good boat and motor. Please enclose picture of boat and motor." Lol!!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. Still working on my background and hoping for answers, how to get rid of the dark layer over the picture, which I DON'T want!!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #18

  11. We had frog came a calling a few weeks ago,he brought his girlfriend with him. He stood at our front door but I had to tell him to come back as I was a bit busy.
    If you would like to see the handsome chap this is were he is

    3rd March - Look who came calling


  12. see all i can think of is ... "go ahead punk, make my day and call me Miss Fishy Fanny ONE More Time..."


  13. I got nuthin', but good grief, what a funny picture, and you clearly have a few excellent suggestions!!

    Happy woyww!

  14. great idea for making the cogs, must try that.
    Lunch Lady Jan great title for the ATC. What is in the amazing box?
    janet #19

  15. great idea with making your own cogs, I have casting rubber somewhere...that is the operative word around here...

  16. I have nightmares about cogs since I made an album using them on many of the pages but they were the larger die cut ones. Enjoy the moulding! #85

  17. Great job with the cogs, enjoy!!! Hugs May x x x x No15

  18. I have made several dies, but no goodies yet. I have these big ideas and suddenly they fall by the wayside. Then the supplies magically disapear! Good luck with your Cogs!

  19. I had to read through the comments to see what sort of suggestions came forward for your woman with fish ATC. I tried to think of something about accessorizing with fish but nothing came to mind. I love the couldn't carry a tuna line. My hubby would have some rude suggestion too.

  20. The cogs look very cool - so does that big cup of joe!

    You asked about the toilet paper roll -- well, I took it from work. Actually, I ran down the halls in the building until it was all unwound...... not really but maybe I put an image in your head?!?

    Happy WOYWW

  21. Some good suggestions for your caption for your ATC! The only thing that came to my mind was "There are plenty of fish in the sea"
    Very creative way to make your own cogs! It is so great that Shoshi had that idea, now you can have all the cogs you want!
    xoxo Karen

  22. Fab cogs, and of course the cup of tea, or in my case it would be coffee! Take care, it's Thursday now so I'm late but I can never get through the list in one go! Love Zo xx 75

  23. I am not good at thinking up quotes, so I am not a lot of use to you - Sorry. I love your frangipani photo, but it makes me realise even more how fast this year is going. Our summer is coming fast and then it will be over and heading for Christmas again. I cannot get over the speed this year is flying along. thank you for your visit and kind comments. Have a good week. xx Maggie #2

  24. I just adore the fishy ATC!
    Sophie x

  25. I go with Doone or Lunch Lady on this one!!!

    Happy Late woyww