Tuesday, May 29, 2012

woyww - portrait of a cat

Not the best light but I did get up early to try and post before the rush.  Why rush? Work deadlines plus getting teenager to school on time!!

My desk is almost tidy as I hide away the woyww anniversary gift but you can  still see bits and pieces laying around on the desk.  ATC stamp, ink,  a peg (no idea why, a bit like the hammer last week) and a stamped image on a book page which will be joining the altered book. A background page which I discovered under my mat.

But my pride and joy is the pencil sketch of kitty.  A gift from the teenager who organised a school friend to draw kitty as she slept on my bed.  A very talented school friend ....

Off to visit woyww and see lots of desks from really talented crafters all over the globe.


  1. Hi Sandra,
    That kitty sketch is fabulous! What a talented girl! Is that stamped book page the one I found in your magazine? It's really good, I'm sure it will go nicely in your altered book.
    Happy WOYWW 3rd Anniversary!

  2. Hi Sandra I am your ATC swap buddy! Please email me your address so I can get my card off to you - it has a long way to go it seems. How exciting! Your desk looks very serene this morning. As does the fabulous kitty! I don't think that talented teen is going to have any trouble passing their Art exam! I look forward to hearing from you. Happy WOYWW Birthday to you from Helen 83

  3. Fantastic sketch. Lucky you.
    Enjoy you ATC cards
    One I made earlier today

  4. Happy 3rd WOYWW birthday.
    That is one very talented school friend.
    A x #89

  5. Happy 3rd WOYWW!!
    Oh, thank you for sending me an ATC. But I'll only show you mine if you show me yours *grin* so please could you email me your address via the link on my page. You won't be getting an ATC back but hmmmmm, what could it possibly be?? :)
    Like you, I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of this amazing group for a year, how wonderful to have forged friendships with folk who I would never have met otherwise. And Julia is incredibly modest about it all!
    Hugs, LLJ #77 xx

  6. Gorgeous drawing - what talent!
    Email on its way! x Jo

  7. Beautiful portrait...send me your email address and your mailing address and I will be happy to exchange ATC's...It's been a fun WOYWW thru and thru. Have a great week.

  8. Wonderful!! Happy WOYWW, Helen 8

  9. Loving the sketch of your kitty, she is very talented indeed! Hope your having a great WOYWW, and hopefully you will show your ATC's off next week so everyone can see them? waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  10. Hi Sandra and happy 3rd anniversary of WOYWW, love your desk, looks very productive. Thanks for sharing, hugs Erika. #101

  11. HI, Happy woyww from mark, thanks for stopping by earlier, love your work space and the portrait of the cat, looks fab.
    First project with melt pot is done, What a great bit of kit it is.

  12. Happy WOYWW anniversary ☼
    have a great week!

    Hugs Marleen # 28

  13. WOW!!! AmAzing art of the furr-ball... soooo cute love it!!! a very gifted young artist.. Fabulous work.. Hugs May x x x#4

  14. That's a beautiful portrait of kitty! The teenager's friend is quite talented. I love the paw over the eyes and how kitty is off the page, like, "Leave me alone; I'm napping can't you see?" Nice surprise background page under the mat. I love finding unexpected random things in random places (not good at all when you are actually looking for something though).

  15. That is a wonderful portrait of the kitty! It's fabulous!

    Happy WOYWW!

    Katie (38)

  16. Sandra, the kitty portrait is great. Really beautiful! I love the way you have unexpected things turn up on your desk. There must be an intriguing story behind them!

    Thank you for your absolutely lovely comment on my blog. You are soooo kind! I will email you my snail mail address. I'm reallly sorry I haven't been able to take part in the ATC swap but I'm so behind with everything in my life at the moment and have had a lot of unavoidable days out (all enjoyable!) but what I really need now is a good long stretch of rest and nothing else - just peace and quiet and catching up with myself lol!! I shall treasure your ATC, I know I will!

    Happy birthday for yesterday! May is absolutely the best month for your birthday, I always think. We had such a nice day out together today, my hubby and I, and had a nice meal out this evening.

    I will email you. Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #60

  17. She certainly is a talented artist ...what a lovely gift..Happy 3rd woyww birthday

  18. Lovely picture. I find pegs all round the house too.

  19. I was very impressed by the kitty. At first I thought you drew it, then I read it was made by a friend of your teen. What talent!! Thanks for always showing up at my place. It's always fun to visit you each week. Happy day after WOYWW from #2. And thanks for your address, too!!

  20. Oh My! What a fabulous gift! That pencil drawing is wonderful - bet you were totally overjoyed to receive it - and what a gift!
    You always take some fabulous photographs, this is a beautiful shot of your area and the drawing is just in the right place.
    Happy Blogaversary - Hugs, Neet #15 xx (late because she had a shed load of visitors yesterday)

  21. What a fab gift from a teenager, it truly is beautiful and so well done.

    Happy 3rd Anniversary WOYWW
    Eliza #140

  22. Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you - the Jubilee got in the way!!!

    What a fabulous kitty sketch - just amazing. Some people are so talented and that's just a wonderful picture. I hope said school friend keeps it up and does something with their talent.

    Happy WOYWW, and thanks for stopping by...

  23. Apologies for being so late in getting around to visiting you but finally here. Your sketch of your kitty is gorgeous - wish I could draw like that :) Elizabeth x #94

  24. Wow, that sketch is amazing! What a thoughtful gift!

    Thanks for sharing and happy WOYWW anniversary!

    Ali #86

  25. Hi Sandra...just a note, I found no email address, I received your ATC today. I love it very pretty colors and great texture. Good Mail service too.
    I will blog about it on WOYWW this week or next. Thank so much. Pretty little notecard too.