Wednesday, October 31, 2012

woyww- consumed by a kitchen

All art and craft fallen by the wayside as I am consumed by a kitchen renovation.  After months of discussion, consultation, redesign and plans I was all ready to start.  As I marvelled at how a designer could fit so much into my small kitchen it suddenly dawned on me he had measured it incorrectly.  Armed with my scrapbook ruler I measured it out and finally all agreed it was wrong.  New corrected design and family grateful I have great visual spatial abilities.  I may not be able to add numbers but I have "superior" abilities at working out how things fit together.  I can also pack a car boot and have room to spare!! Hopefully my desk will be back to normal next week.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

woyww- petri dish monoprint

What you see are my "Gelli Plate" prints also nicknamed "Petri dish experiments" by the family.  Lots of fun, easy to do and ultimately great backgrounds for art journal pages with minimum of fuss or thought.

The Gelli Plate is hiding underneath the finished prints.  The blue basket on the right is new and currently storing bits and pieces left over from last week.  The plan is I will pack everything away!  Time will tell.

Off to visit woyww .... 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


A sad pathetic woyww desk this morning.  So little to show; art journal page, some bargain bin memory glass and frames, a sheet of free book stickers and that is it!!  I hang my head in shame.
But, I am off to lunch with a crafty friend and I will catch up on the latest and pop round to visit a few woyww desks this evening. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

woyww - art journal and cards

The beginning of an art journal page.  Trying out the new "typo" letter stamps and of course on the right the magazine with Kate Crane's article which always inspires me to give it a go.
The desk is relatively tidy as I had finished making Xmas cards and did a quick tidy up for the pic.  Still  need to make about 40 more cards and I should be set.  Hopefully I will remember where I put them when I go to post the cards in December.
Not a lot to show for a week but I am sure inspiration awaits at other desks on WOYWW.