Tuesday, November 13, 2012

woyww- a winner

The draw was supervised by DH who stood over me to ensure it was all above board.  As I cut out comments and DD picked a winner mumbling something about random generator.  But I do love the drama of a hand picked winner.

Congrats to Annette who commented, followed and will soon receive a Steampunk ATC.   Please send me an email with your contact details and I will pop it in the post. 

Not a lot happening at my desk .... So I am going to see what other woyww's have been doing this week. 


  1. Congrats to Annette! That is a great misty photograph. Happy WOYWW, Anne x #65

  2. Grats Annette! Lucky you.. Sandy :) #50

  3. Love the photo! So steamy! Congrats to Annette! Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Vickie #63

  4. Yep, not a lot happening here either. Access tonight via phone ... ain't technology grand (but it's TOO slow)! Great photo! (Cockatoo Island???)
    Have made use of the lego piece already. Can you see where I have used it?

  5. The lucky winner of the steampunk ATC will be very happy! Love the photo!
    Very mist-erious!

  6. That's such a fab photo - all blues and moody, look you (as we say in Wales!!)

    Well done to Annette, lucky gal...
    Thanks for dropping by - I love the Cruella stockings too :)
    Hugs, LLJ #68 xx

  7. Thanks for visiting me this week, yep really pleased withthe sheet music. That is a cool moody photo on your blog today. BJ#36

  8. congrats to your winner! She will be thrilled to receive a piece of your work!!

  9. That is a stunning photo! Congrats to your winner and thanks for commenting on my blog. Thanks for sharing. Caro #89

  10. Congrats to your winner, and a big WOW for that amazing photo! Happy WOYWW.
    Alison x

  11. Congrats to Annette - very moody dramatic pic!!

  12. Congratulations to your winner. Thanks for visiting yesterday, only got round to three desks yesterday but I'm trying to do a lot more today.
    Ann B

  13. Hi I love the moody picture is it you DH
    thanks for sharing
    janet #26

  14. That is a great photo...was he soaking wet?