Tuesday, May 29, 2012

woyww - portrait of a cat

Not the best light but I did get up early to try and post before the rush.  Why rush? Work deadlines plus getting teenager to school on time!!

My desk is almost tidy as I hide away the woyww anniversary gift but you can  still see bits and pieces laying around on the desk.  ATC stamp, ink,  a peg (no idea why, a bit like the hammer last week) and a stamped image on a book page which will be joining the altered book. A background page which I discovered under my mat.

But my pride and joy is the pencil sketch of kitty.  A gift from the teenager who organised a school friend to draw kitty as she slept on my bed.  A very talented school friend ....

Off to visit woyww and see lots of desks from really talented crafters all over the globe.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

woyww- altered book and art journal pages

Slowly working my way through the altered book class with Elisabeth.  The slow and steady pace is perfect.  On the right hand side is a watercolour book which I am enjoying and on the left a hammer.  No idea why it is sitting under my altered book.  But, I do know why there is a chocolate near my light.  I continue to potter away on my art journal pages which are considerably less stressful since I have moved to working in a small book.
I know I have mentioned the portfolio oil pastels in previous posts and I am still using them on a regular basis.  Love how they blend over anything, paint, canvas, inks or straight onto cardstock.  I love how inexpensive they are and must admit I have a preference for the brights.   
They can be heat set which means no more fixative fumes in my little room. Once I have finished a page I hit it with the heat gun and watch it melt.  I owe Leandra a big thanks for putting me onto the oil pastels, she had a great tute posted on her blog Paper Artsy in January of this year.  

Also working on an ATC for a particular swap this month.  But, I can't show you just yet.....

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

woyww - class stuff

My desk is covered with left over bits and pieces from the weekend workshops I attended. Bright and colourful art journal pages surrounded by lots of baking paper in an attempt to stop pages sticking together and paint seeping through the journal.  Loving the portfolio pastels .. they would have to be the cheapest and best thing on my desk at the moment.

The class with Donna Downey was interesting and I definitely had a light bulb moment when I heard numerous people talk about not writing a lot of stuff in their journal.  I just can't pour emotions into a journal.  I go blank and it doesn't help when DH sings Sid or Johnny's lyrics "pretty vacant ..." when ever he sees me trying to journal.

Another journal page using string and canvas and then coloured with acrylic paint and babywipes.

 The final workshop was a canvas which incorporated a lot of the techniques we learnt in the art journal workshop. I was really happy how it came together.  I used an old pic of my mother and her friend taken sometime in the late 50's.  They looked so elegant and happy sitting in the sun smiling at the camera.

So all in all a great weekend of workshops.  Hope your week has been creative.   I also hope blogger behaves and stops removing my blog as it updates, improves and does what it does in the name of progress.

Off to visit Julia and her addictive world of WOYWW.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

woyww - dark and dim wednesday evening

Wednesday did start with some degree of productivity then I got sidetracked with a postal delivery.  My TH book No.2 open on top of all the other bits and pieces.   But,  before I got distracted I had made a lovely background for a journal page using my favourite glimmermist sprays.  I then moved on to watching YouTube videos on how to paint flowers. My pathetic little result is on the right.  Even the teenager was encouraging "keep going you will get there eventually...!", which was very unlike the teenager.  

The only other thing on my desk is a list of all the class bits and pieces I need to bring to a weekend workshop at Pages 2scrap.  The classes are being run by Donna Downey and I  can't wait.  I have checked and rechecked the list.  I am trying to contain my glee at going away for the weekend to have 3 classes with Donna.   Hopefully I will have lots to show next week.

Off to visit Julia's woyww.....