Wednesday, May 29, 2013

woyww - early morning prep

Happy 4th anniversary to all the fun woyww's who take part.

My desk is full of ATC's all ready to be sent to far flung places via Australia Post and a little ATC parcel to mark the occasion.  My kindle is on the desk waiting for me to finish the tasks and on the right I have some mail to open from the UK.  I think there are some very organised woyww's.

My art workshop is on this weekend and if I paint anything half decent I will post a pic.  Have a lovely woyww courtesy of Julia.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

woyww - unfinished tasks

The desk today is a mix of a half completed project and a half completed task.  On the left is a collection of embellishments which will be used to finish off the cover of a small book.  The book is hidden for reasons that will become obvious over the next couple of weeks.  

The task is the collection of pencils, sponge, scissors and watercolour box on the right hand side of my desk.  I was getting ready for a painting workshop and started checking the list of things to bring.  Of course I then got distracted and started making a cup of tea and neither project nor task have been accomplished.  

  LO from last week has been moved aside because I started painting when I had the watercolours out.  So I really have 3 uncompleted tasks hanging around my desk.   Hopefully I will have the LO finished and post a pic next week.   
But I did finish the painting.  Join in on the woyww fun ...

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

woyww - DD layout

My desk has a collection of scrapbook papers  as I prepare to start a school photo layout  of my "sweet" DD.  She rarely poses for a photo these days but this one met with her approval and I am allowed to do my crafty stuff.  You can also see another completed box on the desk.  Last week it was black this week shades of grungy blue/black with flowers and metal bits but no bolts.

Thank you to all the lovely woyww's who offered to help me locate the French stamp.  I had sent a few emails to different crafting stores in both the UK, Australia with little success.  But I did get a lovely reply from the French company who made the stamp and they were helpful.  It is being shipped to me in 2 weeks.  A whole lot cheaper then if I had bought it in Australia.

Looking forward to peeking at a few other desks this week courtesy of Julia.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Early morning pic of the desk with bits and pieces left over from making ATC's.  If we start from the top right hand corner you can see that the clock is set at 11.11am.  Power went off yesterday and clock has not been reset.  Usually the clock flashes but, I can see that someone has reset the clock to the stop flashing but not corrected the time!  My stack of Craft stamper mags sit waiting for all the projects I want to create.  I have carefully added tags to the specific pages then got side tracked because I absolutely had to buy a stamp.  Spent ages on the internet and tracked it down to France, gave up in the end as it was way to difficult.  On my cutting mat are the freebie stamps from the mag and I should just  be grateful I have those.   The pattern paper and ink pads are just sitting around until I pack away.  A printed set of labels for the backs of the ATC just in case I make more.  The only other items of interest are the black and pink boxes waiting to be repurposed.  The box from last week has gone to a new home which frees me up to create a few more.  Enjoy your woyww hopping.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

woyww - desk mess

Another box nearing completion on a fairly messy desk for me.  What you don't see are the piles of mess on both the left and right hand side.  I am still dithering over adding the silver chain around the box and whether attaching a few skeleton leaves (courtesy of RosA) will make a big difference.  No quick decisions will be made as I place and replace items at leisure.

 I have also been making a few ATC's for a swap coming up this month.  But I can't post a picture until closer to the date.  Woyww's will understand......