Tuesday, January 28, 2014

woyww - watercolours

Painting flowers (freestyle) which I find very relaxing as it just empties my mind.   I adore botanical watercolours but, do not have the talent nor the patience.  So I paint imaginary flowers.

A couple of pics from my journal.

A landscape done quickly on the way down the California coast, minus the telegraph poles and lanes of highway of course!

Just to show that I do branch out occasionally a pic of a hat made famous in the "Breaking Bad" series. DH pointed out that it was first made famous by Popeye Doyle in the "French Connection"but that just shows our age.

Join in with the lovely Julia, share your desk and visit the world.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

woyww - photos and paint

Working on scrapping some photos from our holiday and also trying my hand at watercolours again (note 3 jars of water).  While I was away I started a journal and tried to quickly sketch and paint anything that took my fancy.
The seals at La Jolla were fun and definitely took my fancy.   I did this quickly when we got back to the motel and finally a another sketch and w/c wash trying to capture the cold winter sunset along Pebble Beach.

  Finally one of the watercolours I had been working on before I moved onto scrapping holiday photos.

I plan to visit lots of desks over the next few days but may not leave comments as I have had problems accessing my blog account.  No problems with google just family members who don't check which  google account they log into and then change passwords. Grrrr...