Wednesday, July 22, 2015

woyww - finished cards - almost

Finally popped the stamped images from last week on a couple of cards.  Planned to add a sentiment  but was unable to decide which sentiment.  Always have too many "thank you" cards when I need a "happy birthday" card so my inability to make a decision means lots of cards with no sentiments.

 I did eventually open my box of goodies which contained 2 bottles of glimmermist "Iridescent Gold"and a pad of watercolour paper.  Nothing terribly exciting. Lots of comments from woyww's who would not be able to leave the  box unopened.  Confession time....I am the type of person that can leave xmas presents under the tree, chocolates in a box, cake on a plate, gift cards in my wallet  and not be tempted.  But I drop everything to read a book and don't stop until "The end".  Now I am really curious to hear what little quirks other woyww's might have.
Have a lovely crafty week.


  1. I am hopeless at making decisions but your blank cards are lovely and at least they will suit any occasion! x jo

  2. Love your cards, Sandra. I always tend to just put "with love" on as a sentiment if I'm batch making. Saves having the wrong card to the occasion you need it for.
    Mmm I couldn't leave presents or happy post unopened, but I can leave chocolate or sweets unopened for months, in fact I still have some from last Christmas. I can also save gift cards until I find exactly the right thing to spend them on. If someone has been kind enough to give me a voucher I want to get something that reminds me of them when I use it or look at it. I usually get garden vouchers so finding the right plant can take time, lol.
    Hugs Lisax #33

  3. Beautiful cards Sandra....just how they are then they can be used for whatever the occasion. My guilty secret is having fabric for sometimes years before I can use it....I'm a stroker :-)
    Annie x # 15

  4. Gorgeous cards, and I'm incredibly impressed with your will power! I used to be like you with books, but now I only read at bed time so the books don't come downstairs, otherwise I'd never get anything done! Mind you I often go to bed very early if I have a particularly good book on the go! Hope you have a great week,
    Diana #25

  5. Hi there Sandra, ahh... You are restrained but you have your limits.. Books!! I must confess I too have been known to read into wee hours.. 4am even, but these days, crash before then...
    However can restrain myself on them too.. If not started :)
    Maltesers are my Achilles heel :)
    As to cards, I like "Just for you" as it cover a multitude of uses, and have a small collection of these stamps,. Aslo with love,
    Happy WOYWW, thanks for sharing, Shaz in Oz.x #20

    {Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}

  6. Hi Sandra, love those cards. I too tend to leave my cards to add a sentiment to when I need them, I'm also with you on books- I could spend every waking minute reading, quite happily. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #11 xxx

  7. When I read, I see and hear nothing. It is even worse on my family relations than crafting, so I try to avoid reading larger books. I think that the avoiding actually led to crafting, one addiction restrained, another strikes on! Your cards look lovely, suitable for many situations. Happy woyww!
    Kristiina #22

  8. When the last two Harry Potter books were published, I beat both my boys to read them as soon as they arrived through the mail...and finished them in a day! But I'm rubbish at keeping presents waiting...I must be all about instant gratification, huh?! Are you quite a restrained person in how you act and feel? I feel like some mad puppy sometimes. Must really learn to keep myself in check....
    But there you are, that's how I am :-)
    Love the cards btw and putting a sentiment in ties them to a specific occasion...I nearly always buy blank cards.
    Hugs, LLJ 4 xx

  9. Cards look lovely. I am definitely the opposite of you. Parcels opened as soon as possible!
    Catherine x (42)

  10. As I mentioned last week I can totally leave a box unopened until the proper time. Same with cards, presents, sweets (unless I'm at work) and the like... I can put down a book to got to bed because not enough sleep almost immobilizes me the next day and leaves me off for days. I was just yapping at someone recently about how I can't stand water so I guess that's my quirk. I mean I drink it all the time. I hate finding random puddles of it and I hate getting splashed or dripped on. Like almost irrationally hate it. I must be part cat. Judy #51

  11. love the cards... better to wait and get it right than rush them.. I can leave sweets cakes etc for ages too, but gifts or purchases? no, have to open them right away, even if I may not then use them for ages!! Helen 2

  12. I can leave shopping bags and deliveries of things that aren't surprises, no problem...but I can't resist a present! I like the pearlescent finish on the cards. I never have a problem choosing the sentiment,but equally inever have the right card to hand either, so perhaps I do have a problem!!

  13. The cards are lovely, knew they would be. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 28

  14. Hi Sandra de, happy Wednesday - I can't believe your 'quirks' - I do remember as a young kid saving my easter eggs...why I wouldn't have a clue - one I opened after a long time had turned white. Have a great week, your cards are looking really pretty and I too can leave off sentiments till a card is needed. Cheers RobynO#9 , thanks for visiting

  15. I must have loads of quirks but at the moment I am still half asleep. Too full of food to write last night so playing catch up now. I learned the hard way to leave gifts unopened but chocolate and cake on a plate ........
    I think you are wise not indecisive not to put sentiments on cards, that way you can utilise them for anything. And they look so pretty!
    Hugs Neet 8 xxx

  16. No quirks here - positively perfect in every way ;) ;) Your cards are BEAUTIFUL - no need for a sentiment xx Thanks for the visit earlier - have a wonderful week x Soojay 14

  17. #31 this time around.....Your cards are so pretty...and great idea, I never seem to have the "right one" when it's down to something that needs to be for "NOW". Have a fun week.

  18. These cards look so pretty and suitable for multiple occasions, which is always handy.

  19. Your cards are so pretty with that bit of shine on them I have to agree about reading a book (or playing a video game at times) it's hard to stop and do other things I usually will slot them in the day and loose out on sleep just to read one more chapter it seems
    hugs Nikki 5

  20. Beautiful cards, Sandra! I love the delicate colours and the shimmer on them. Really pretty. Talking of quirks, I can be a bit lazy about opening my mail if I know what it is and it's boring! This has led to trouble in the past because it was something that did need dealing with lol! I always open parcels straight away, and cards and personal things!

    Thank you for your lovely comment - yes, it was an eventful morning courtesy of Kermit! He's been as good as gold since then. I had my fourth chemo yesterday and am now half way through which is great. Not feeling too well but I know it will pass, so I just have to rest and go with the flow, and be grateful that it is hopefully leading to a cancer-free life!

    Glad you like the faux leather. All will be revealed in a few weeks' time once the recipients have got the projects I am making at the moment!!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #39

  21. Pretty cards! Wow! You are an unusual person! You probably have really high EQ!!!! patsy

  22. Hi Sandra, Those cards are looking lovely!
    Thought I left you a comment Wed night (via smart phone). Guess it's not as smart as I thought.
    Hope you have a good weekend.