Wednesday, September 16, 2015

woyww - wax and watercolours

Lots of pics this week showing bits and pieces that I have finished from online and face to face workshops.  RosA reminded me I had not posted pics. .. so here goes.
The leaf is the first attempt at an encaustic workshop.  Although it was a great learning experience I am too clumsy to work with hot wax, paints and pastels at the same time.  My first mistake was adding too much colour to the transferred leaf image.  Then I tried to scratch it off! which didn't work so I attacked it with a heat gun and melted all the wax with colours moving everywhere and burning off the shellac background.  In the end I walked away from the heat gun and started a second image.
Bird image transferred onto wax with a subtle application of pastels plus metal transfer onto the bark.  All a bit twee and not convinced shellac is that great a border.  But a good experience and I have an appreciation of the skills required for encaustic works.  
Completed pears  which I had started two weeks ago. Happy with these, especially the bottom of the pear on the right.  Looking forward to a leisurely hop around to peek at lots of woyww desks.


  1. beautiful artworks today. How lovely to try different mediums to work with even if they dont turn out quite as planned for's all good learning :-)
    Annie x # 14

  2. Like your trees and, of course, I like your pears. The leaf is very interesting and I think it looks great as do the trees with the bird. Hope you do some more of this medium.
    Hugs, Neet 7 xx

  3. Ah Ros, love the pears too, came of beautifully... like you, am not sure about the wax and shellac ... Think it might've given you the shellacking.. sorry bad pun.. :D very game of you to try as know I would chicken out. Haven't heard of encaustic work before.
    Just found this in case it may help?
    Happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz.x #33

    {Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}

  4. Such lovely work - clever you! x Jo

  5. Ha ha, yes, good timing! Love the pears. They look so realistic. But I am liking the encaustic works very much! They look way better than "first attempts"! It's something I want to try.
    The colouring technique (on that floral die cut) is just twinkling H2o's. And the knitting is really quite easy, honestly :)

  6. Love your pix this week, the trees are lovely, and I like the way you have anchored those pears with the use of shadows, the look great. I think the encaustic work looks like glass , that was my first thought.

  7. I love the encaustic look - there's something very dreamy about it. Your leaf looks wonderful! If that's the one you "messed up" it doesn't look like it. I love your pears too - I could look at those colours and watercolour textures for hours! Have a lovely week - zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #38

  8. Hot wax, paint and pastels sound like quite a combination. Since I don't know what your leaf should look like, I'd say it's quite nice! Always fun to learn new things:)
    Kristiina #21

  9. I love the leaf and would never know it didn't go as planned - it has a soft and mellow feel to it. The little bird is delightful and would make a fabulous design on a Christmas card - I just love him! I have worked with wax on several occasions and must admit I don't enjoy the process but like the end result - it's really too messy and random I find! Hope you have a great week and thanks your earlier visit,
    Diana #22
    Oh, almost forgot to say the pears are just stunning!

  10. Sandra, Love the images. I really like the little bird.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    By the way you are No. 24, not 26.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue # 18

  11. Well, as I'm a bear of very little brain, I can't be trusted with mire than two techniques at a time, so I applaud your dexterity!!! I rather like the leaf and wouldn't have known any different...but the little birdie has my heart!
    And you have magnificent pears, daahhling ;-)
    Hugs, LLJ 12 xxx

  12. You are very brave, attempting encaustics, Sandra - not something I've ever tried! I like the results, though, however much of a struggle it was to achieve it. Thank you for your lovely comment - I am feeling a lot better these past couple of days and more cheerful again which is a good thing (well, I expec my hubby appreciates it lol!) but today haven't managed to get in the studio because I've had a friend visiting. It's a busy week this week!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #30

  13. I love that you try stuff and have a good go before you decide. I cannot do the encaustic to save my life, I burn and over compensate and generally am over it! Your leaf looks pretty real to me! I LOVE the pears, my word you really did paint want you saw, gorgeous.

  14. Such interesting creations - feel mine is all pretty tame really - good to try new stuff. Anne x #34

  15. So much gorgeous art work such a talented lady. Thanks for the visit to mine and happy woyww, Angela x 29

  16. Even the word encaustic sounds painful but when you mentioned heat gun I was out. I would have burned the thing right up (he he). I thought your leaf was gorgeous, the colours are beautiful. Those pears are just perfect. The shading is just right, I'm envious as I just can't get the hang of watercolours. I've been studying those trees in your journal, would love to have a go at those, yours are fab. Have a great week, Von #8

  17. Loving what you are doing here...great colors and fun effects. I'd love to have sometime to try some new things...maybe winter. Thanks for the visit Have a happy weekend. And my favorite is the leaf, I think it turned out perfect.

  18. I love how the colors move on the leaf one myself, but the idea of melting wax would be something I think I would have to haul everything to the kitchen. ( my "desk" is a plastic folding table haha) ~Stacy #48

  19. I really like the leaf! Again, it didn't turn out how you planned it but it looks great! I thought about trying
    encaustic. Hope to see more of this!