Wednesday, February 24, 2016

woyww - Phalaenopsis II

Painting a similar Phalaenopsis to last week but this time a plain background.  Still needs another few layers to give the colour some depth and make it stand out.  Should get around to finishing it over the weekend.

Caught up with RosA for lunch today and came home with lovely die cuts and stamped images.  Thank you :)... always lovely to have lunch with a crafty/woyww friend.
Have a lovely week.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

woyww - desk mess and a flower

 The desk is a bit of a mess with a new palette arrangement.  I had been using a plastic palette but the paint was staining the plastic and it was hard to get a good match when mixing colours.  Have now moved to a heavy duty plate which I can wipe clean.  The other odd thing on my desk is the toilet roll covered in paper towel.  When the outer layer gets covered in paint I replace the sheets of paper towel and the the inner roll just draws off the moisture.  Sounds odd but it seems to be working well and takes up less space on a crowded desk.  On the left are notes from Anna Mason's tutorial.
Almost finished painting the Phalaenopsis and hope to complete it on the weekend.  Just needs some finishing touches.  Not sure about the painted background?.... do tell me what you think.  Always good to try something different at least now I have a good understanding of the structure of the plant and will probably paint another plant without a background.  

Have a great woyww and I plan to slowly visit lots of desks over the week.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Orange segment

Struggled with the segments and probably overworked some sections.  Worked on Saunders CP paper and really noticed how difficult it was to get clean lines/edges.  But, have to move on and try my hand at something else ...... enjoy the process they say.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

woyww - an orange

Painting a vivid orange and getting lost in the segments late on a wednesday evening.  Anna Mason's tutorials stress that painting any object is always about the balance between the light, dark and mid tones.  As I step back and look at the pic I can see more work to be done on the balance of these tones.  Lots of quiet and very detailed fun while painting an orange of all things. 

Have a lovely woyww.