Wednesday, September 28, 2016

woyww - mixed bunch of flora

Painting an Agapanthus on Tuesday night and the light was better when I was painting.  Not back at my desk until Thursday.

The completed sweet pea from last week with my shadow adding a touch of realism.

Finally a  tattoo rose painted as a gift for DD's friend .....minus obscenities. (All credit to Victor-Octaviano image on Pinterest). DD not fussed on my botanicals and I don't swear so we came to a compromise.  The rose took an hour to paint unlike the botanicals....... days set aside to paint all the detail. Amazingly very relaxing.

Have a lovely woyww.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

woyww-sweet pea

Photo taken late on Tuesday night but it will be pretty much the same on Wednesday.  The first stages of painting a sweet pea. Pretty and simple just how I like it.

The finished tiara from a couple of weeks ago.  Not able to visit other desks until the weekend .
Have a great woyww.