Wednesday, March 15, 2017

woyww - flowers, knitting and a dissected pear

Wednesday's desk is a mix of things this week.  

 A wonderful photo of 2 pretty Christmas roses (Hellebors) from Angela's garden. Looking at how best to compose these sweet flowers before I start painting.  Thank you Angela for sharing this photo with me.

Last nights attempt at knitting a baby beanie is still lying on the desk.  It has been years since I knitted so I am starting with a basic no fail pattern.  

Final pic is the completed dissected pear from last week.  All in all a productive week.

Visits to woyww desks will be a slow meander over the weekend.


  1. You really have been productive this week. Love the artwork as always and knitting as well this week....well done you.
    Annie x #12

  2. Good luck with the knitting!
    The pear has turned out beautiful, but then all your paintings are beautiful, such talent.
    I am so looking forward to seeing the next project as the photo looks lovely and they are one of my favourite flowers. I wanted them in my wedding bouquet (many many moons ago) but they could not get them at the time.
    Hugs, Neet 7 xx

  3. You have been busy, Sandra. I love the dissected pear. You got inspired after all.
    The Christmas Roses will be lovely to paint, they are such a pretty flower aren't they? I only have dark ones in the garden, must find some white ones to add. Good Luck with the knitting, I can only ever do scarves!!!!
    Have a good week.
    Hugs Lisa x#24

  4. Aw now your dissected pear takes me back to my O-level dress and design exam. We explored lots of ideas for the design piece including fruit and veg cut in half. Amazing painting as usual. Thanks for the visit BJ#9

  5. Oh that pear is simply delicious, and the skin is so realistic that once again I can hardly believe it's not real!
    I have just scrolled down to catch up on what I've missed for the last few weeks and I came across the amethyst - WOW - how do you do it!?! Just jaw-droppingly stunning, and the apple blossom... I've run out of words now, so I'll just say I hope you have a great week and I can't wait to see the Hellebores!
    Diana #22 x

  6. Yummy - that's edible! Well done - a gorgeous painting. Well done on tackling the knitting - love the colours. Those hellebores are great - have fun with a painting of them.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #5

  7. I could eat that pear. Look forward to seeing the finished flowers. Sarah #25

  8. Gosh you have had a productive week! I love the little beanie hat, and its encouraging that you feel you need to have a no fail pattern to get you back into it, us craft mortals often wonder at your range of skills! The pear is wonderful - I could reach out and pick it off the page.

  9. Hi Sandra,
    The dissected pear looks good!
    I'm knitting too and I've just realised I've made a rather big mistake with it. I have a plan to fix it which I'm hoping will work.
    Let me know when you might be free for lunch, (after Easter?)
    RosA # 30

  10. Thanks for your visit earlier, I bought a beautiful frame for daughter Clematis today.
    Beautiful Hellebores! Mine are all deep purple so they can't be seen until you look close!
    The pear painting turned out very well, I hope you're pleased with it.

  11. Beautiful painting. Can't wait to see the flowers come to life.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K #31

  12. Amazing Pear Portrait... and that beanie patten would make an awesome tea cosy too.. just a coupe of holes required... dxxx 13

  13. these paintings look so real.. Wat goed!!!

  14. Hi Sandra, lovely pics. i do like the Christmas Roses- so delicate, yet flowering in the depth of our winter. Love the dissected pear too.Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz#8, XxXx

  15. Hi Sandra, been washing ski gear and unpacking most of the day so only just managed to do some visits but I'm here now. Can't wait to see you working on the Christmas Roses. They look like two little faces and they have another flower now which must have appeared while we were away. Good luck with the knitting too. Happy crafty woyww, Angela x 19x

  16. wow - that pear is gorgeous! Looks perfectly real. I always wanted to paint like this, one of my favourite books to pore over as a teen was a trompe-de-oile book - fascinating! Thanks for sharing! Lindart #39

  17. the pear looks good enough to eat! I love the hellebores, they are beautiful. thanks for visiting. Helen #1

  18. Okay... so I am just off to the kitchen now - that pear made my mouth water, it looks so scrummy :) The colouring on the inner of the pear is spot-on - you have real talent!
    Little late, but I hope your Wednesday was fun.

  19. That pear is so impressive, I love it! :o) Annie C #16