Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Art Journal for March

Never being one for journalling it has been fun creating different pages for the month and just writing down snippets of that day.  Inspired by Kathryn's absolutely beautiful and fun pages I thought I would give it a go.  So here is the finished page for February.....

March background is finished and I have tried not to use blocks for the days.  More of a flow effect rather than a block??? Some days/weeks really just flow into each other.  I had to buy some of the stampotique characters and they are my new love.  Yes, there is even a slight resemblance to my family. (note to self must find stamp for cat).  So this is the beginning of March and for us in the southern hemisphere the beginning of autumn.


  1. These are neat.
    I stick crap on my calendars and then decorated them according to the day,
    but I think I like your thing better.
    I might do that instead.
    Not that I did it yet today...
    because I am

    I am not being very productive today.

  2. I like how you have got your days flowing into one another, great idea. I have resisted the temptation to buy any Stampotique stamps so far, but I am weakening!!!

  3. Hi Sandra, Those stamps are great! How are you going to write on the March entries? White gel pen? Just wondering. I like how Mar is totally different to Feb.

  4. Gorgous pages Sandra - Gotta love those stampotique guys & gals!
    Love the wavy blocks rather than just squares - adds a different dimension to the page. Cant wait to see it completed at the end of the month

  5. Love the design of your March pages and great colours for Feb!

  6. ooooooooh, G~REAT page! Love how original March is - reminds me of a board game. Hope your March is as fun as your page. :-)

  7. Fab set of pages!! I love the stamping and how you've gone with the flow.
    Word of warning - i didn't think I journalled, but starting this last year led me on to it. I now have 5 books on the go!!!
    *whispers* Stampotique have 2 cat stamps by Daniel Torrente PussPuss and Kitty!

  8. Wow, lovely pages :-) March is really differnt - love the 'flow'. I was going to tell you about Stampotique kitty stamps but I see Kaz had beaten me to it! Well done for keeping up with the challenge so far. Looking forward to seeing your April pages. Thanks so much for playing along, Kate x

  9. great to dee your feb pages all complted.LOVING your march pages!!! so so funky!!!! cant wait to see it completed! Hugs Juls

  10. Love your pages especially March brill idea for the days to flow into each other looks good.I am a Stampotique addict I have 75 of them just counted now.x

  11. Oh wow!!!
    I love these pages, both of them.
    The idea of the notes on march is very playful.
    Greetings Anne

  12. I just love the style of your very creative March calendar! -Like the days will slip-slide away...The characters are gorgeous, too! Happy March to you! ~Kathy

  13. Love the style of March, love the Stampotique figures, and Feb is fabulous

  14. Oh Love your march page, the flow of it is great and the colours and stamps x

  15. Oh that's so fab and didfernt - like the lines for March,