Wednesday, March 30, 2011

woyww plus cat and the dishwasher

What's on the desk .... well a few bits and pieces.  Working on the Darkroom Door  April ATC swap which involves using their background stamp which I have embossed.  Using bright colours for the background (blooming obvious) which is different for me.  I may regret the colour choice but at this point I will keep going.  At some point it will either come together or frustrate me.

I have also bought Smooch inks and have been trying them out colouring on vellum and other papers.  I will try using them for marbling paper.  I came across a mention of smooch inks and marbling paper when blog hopping and now can't remember who, where or when!!   But that shouldn't stop me.  Last think on my desk is a mag and I will have to decide whether to resubscribe shortly.

I have also included a kitty pic.   She seems to like the dishwasher and is always helpful whether I am stacking or emptying and it was wednesday.  Now Kitty is not what you would call an affectionate cat so it is good to see her smooching up to something even if it was the dishwasher.

While you are admiring my kitty  please do check out Morti's blog candy such lovely goodies.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gel Transfers

Amy has been doing tutes on transfers for weeks and finally I tracked down some gel medium and gave it a go.  Wow ... it works!!  Now I shouldn't be surprised because Amy gave a great tute with an added dose of humour to help you understand.  But, it actually worked when I tried.
The black and white scene is from an old book and has a lovely translucent quality and the coloured pic is an advertisement from a mag.  Different types of paper that both worked.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

woyww -I'm late

Late post for me as work and crafting have collided and work won out.   But I have been trying out some different techniques and organising new and old things.

Such as colouring my new "kitty" from stampotique that I will add to my journal page.  A beautiful thank you fairy ATC from Doone.  It had arrived the day before and was still on my desk when I was getting ready to take a photo.  Will keep it out and admire for the time being.  Then add to my collection.

I also have a package almost ready to be mailed to Amy (Amy please don't zoom in if you want a surprise??)  In the background are two gel medium transfers.  Very pleased how they have turned out, this was my first ever transfer and again thanks to Amy for the tute.

Now to peek around at everyone's desk.  Enjoy your Wednesday.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

woyww - watercolouring

Playing around with  new stamps and distress inks that I picked up from the Craft fair.  I had been watching a tutorial by Shari Caroll on the hero arts blog on the 9th March on watercolour stamping.  What I learnt this time was the watercolour block background.   I made several cards following Shari's tutorial and I made some simpler versions.    I really like the soft water effect.  A nice relief after the bird/cage atc.
As usual I had packed everything away when I finished and then I realised I hadn't taken the photo!!  I put it down to a senior's moment (or 2).  Now I need to have a peek at what everyone else has been doing this Wednesday.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bird in a cage ATC

Who would think a "Bird in a Cage" ATC would take two weeks to put together.  Last touch was a bit of bling (can't help myself) and now I can get them ready to mail out for the swap.

I found this a difficult theme to work with not sure why ...... it just did not come together naturally.  A pity the glimmermist background didn't scan well because it shimmers nicely in natural light.  

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

WOYWW - not enough bird cages

You would think if you were taking part in an atc swap you would check the number of people participating before you start.  Yes, you would.  But no, I didn't.  So what you see is a row of handmade birdcages ready to evolve into the atc's plus one hasty cut out job.  Now, I have to get out all the other stuff to finish it off.  Because I have this horrible habit of putting everything away when I have finished!!!  At least I got to drink my tea.

On the left of the pic is a lovely stash of matt board that I got free.  Yes, free!!  I was out bright and early getting photo's framed and I asked the framer if I could buy some off cuts.  He handed me a box and said "take all you want I usually throw it out".  I showed restraint and took half, knowing I will be back next week to collect my pics and taking the rest of his offcuts.  Thank you Mr. Framer.

I am adding my February art journal pic again ... just because I am happy that it turned out ok and it was underneath all the matt boards.

I am also watching a Doone video tute on how to alter photos and add to an altered book.  This is all really new to me.  I am a technique junkie sitting glued to the screen watching everything Doone is demonstrating.   Then I get up to make a cup of tea and start playing with the cat.  When I finally get back to my desk I have to start watching the video again I forgot to hit pause.  That's about all for this woyww.  Now have to see what everyone else is doing.

Art Journal for March

Never being one for journalling it has been fun creating different pages for the month and just writing down snippets of that day.  Inspired by Kathryn's absolutely beautiful and fun pages I thought I would give it a go.  So here is the finished page for February.....

March background is finished and I have tried not to use blocks for the days.  More of a flow effect rather than a block??? Some days/weeks really just flow into each other.  I had to buy some of the stampotique characters and they are my new love.  Yes, there is even a slight resemblance to my family. (note to self must find stamp for cat).  So this is the beginning of March and for us in the southern hemisphere the beginning of autumn.