Tuesday, October 9, 2012


A sad pathetic woyww desk this morning.  So little to show; art journal page, some bargain bin memory glass and frames, a sheet of free book stickers and that is it!!  I hang my head in shame.
But, I am off to lunch with a crafty friend and I will catch up on the latest and pop round to visit a few woyww desks this evening. 


  1. Feel fortunate..I can't even get to my space. I've a list a mile long of things to do, places to be and I just took the day to enjoy the RAIN...and regain my sanity. Hope you had a great lunch and fun visit.

  2. Your tidy desk is very restful on the eye! Thanks for the memory glass etc. I've got some ideas for that already!
    Your crafty lunch friend.

  3. Your desk looks like its saying hey i'm ready come and use me.. Mine is saying that too, been too busy in the garden.. Sandy :) #65

  4. great looking desk with lots of possiblities. It just needs you to sit down and play a bit. Like the start to the journal page. Vickie #41

  5. Wish my desk was so sad and pathetic - in short yours is nothing like sad and pathetic - it is lovely and there is lots to see. In fact there is a lot to feat the eyes o - on the desk and above it.
    Thanks for sharing -
    Hugz, Neet 29 xx

  6. I love your desk...plenty of room to be creative and your pages look lovely. Have a lovely lunch out.
    A x #68

  7. Looks lovely to me.. and those pages are beautiful already! Have a great lunch and happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  8. Not pathetic at all! There's lots of creativity and crafting evidence going on. Hope you have a good lunch out with your friend.
    Thanks for visiting and for your comment...
    Jo x

  9. Not pathetic....just waiting! Enjoy your week!
    Glenda 89

  10. It is not sad, we can't always be doing something...well at least it is nice and ready for the next project. have a good week. Francesca #61

  11. But your art journal page looks lovely and summery to me, far from pathetic. Thanks for stopping by BJ#24

  12. I don't think that is at all pathetic. There are lots of beautiful things just waiting to be put to use. A good chat with a crafty friend will send you home with so many more ideas. Have a good week. xx Maggie #88

  13. Not pathetic at all - there is always something there I haven't seen before! I will be thinking of you on Saturday - there will be lots of photos on my blog so watch out for new posts!
    Lots of hugs,

  14. Oh but you have lots of space to craft on as everything is cleared away
    Bridget #4

  15. Friends and chatting are more important than crafting occasionally - heavens to Betsy, what heresy!!! Who was Betsy anyway and why did she get all these celestial places???
    Anyhow, hope you had a fabby time!
    Hugs, LLJ #50 xx

  16. Have a great lunch - much more fun than crafting alone! x Jo

  17. oh my...your desk looks tidy and organized and welcoming you to start something creative.
    I spy a lovely big canvas (I think) leaning on the far back right hand side against the wall...It might have poinsettia's sketched on it already.
    Love the pretty wall hanging pocket thingy...Very arty pages welcoming you to finish them...Yep...a welcoming desk!!!

  18. Your desk looks all lovely and ready to go Sandra, not at all boring. The beautiful sock pattern is all down to the wool as it's just plain knitting. They dye the wool in long then short bands, alternating with solid colour, makes that lovely jacquard pattern and fools people into thinking you're a brilliant knitter who can follow complicated patterns!! I like that, lol!

    Brenda 1

  19. Well that looks like a lovely neat desk poised for some crafting! Hope you had a good lunch.
    Sue x (MiniOwner @ 95)

  20. I don't think this desk is pathetic at all! You have a lovely little space with some nice inspiration around.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay (a week late)

  21. Another one who doesn't think this desk is in any way pathetic, Sandra! It's tons better than mine has been for the last several weeks, anyway! Nobody would have wanted to see a dumping ground...

    Thanks for your lovely comment. Glad you managed to spot me down in the doldrums of WOYWW this week - back after a long absence!

    If you go on Jennibellie's blog there are links to all her Youtube videos and more besides. She's an absolute inspiration, and such a lovely girl too - really fun and enthusiastic - just my sort of person lol!! I'm going to do a feature post about her soon.

    I've finished the art journal page if you want to pop back and have a look - I'm really pleased with how it turned out!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #142