Tuesday, March 11, 2014

woyww - ATC from Finland

Wednesday has not turned out as I had planned...... lunch abandoned (sorry RosA!) and car now at the mechanic.  So I walked home and started a painting and then I collected the mail.  A wonderful ATC from Riikka Kovasin from Finland arrived and my day got a lot better.  Thank you Riikka I am thrilled.
I had to take a photo so you can see all the lovely mixed media details on the ATC and the fab stamp.

Finally a pic of the huge butterfly or possibly a moth that landed on the back screen as I was coming inside.  Finger in the photo so that you can gauge how huge.... nothing to do with my bad photography.

Enjoy your Wednesday and hopefully this week I will get around to visit.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

woyww - sketch and w/c

Another page in my journal of a landscape which is really just an exercise of the wet on wet technique.  On the left are notes from a Saturday sketching workshop that I did with Liz Steel.  It was held in the Rocks area of Sydney and was a great introduction to sketching buildings and doing quick watercolours.  You can see from the pic my struggle with stairs and my beginner stages of sketching.
Final pic is of the watercolour version.

Check out Liz's website and you will get a feel for her wonderful work and lots of pics of the urban sketcher groups she is part of in OZ and overseas.  She was a very friendly teacher  who was so giving of her time/suggestions.  I am sure I will be back for more classes.

Now I am off to join in on woyww.....