Wednesday, May 28, 2014

woyww 5 years

Happy 5th Woyww anniversary to all the crafters who join in this week. 

My desk continues to get messy no matter what project I am working on. This week it is covered in splatters of paint, dirty water, paper towels and the odd note of  random information I get off the internet.  For some reason I need to make a note because it seemed so important at the time and then it gets lost or filed away.

But I did a quick clean up to take a pic of the lovely ATC's received from Eliza and Yoda, Voodoo Vixen and Krisha.
Thank you ladies they are stunning and now hold pride of place on my desk.
Happy Woyww.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

View from my woyww desk

The view from my desk has Kitty looking intently at me while I get organised to post for woyww. She has now replaced my desk photo which doesn't change very much from week to week.
Sketchbook Skool has finished and the last teacher was Tommy Kane, sketching and crosshatching was tried with mixed results.  Tommy Kane was great and I had to rush off and buy his book as I got all caught up in the moment.   No pics of sketches but I have been making tags.  
Have a lovely woyww.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

woyww -towering teacups

My tower of teacups is ready to topple over this woyww.  I got around to trying out the little box of Koi watercolours I purchased a couple of weeks age.   They are definitely much brighter/saturated colours then what I generally use and it will take a little time to adjust to the colour/ water mix.    As I have been doing lots of sketching this week (which was quite bland) a burst of colour was a nice change.
 My fascination with the can pen is over. It is a very scratchy writing tool with an uneven ink flow and didn't cope with my heavy handed writing. Glad I tried it out as it might of been a great discovery.  But now I know .... just drink the coke and put the can in the recycling bin.   Hope there have been lots of discoveries on other woyww desks this week.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

woyww - tea and tools

Tea and tools this wednesday.  What I am trying to make is a type of calligraphy pen using a drink can and it worked but not the smoothest of writing tools.  My week has been taken up with the online class with Roz Stendhal and drawing animals, tools and anything that sits still.

Absolutely loving Sketchbook Skool.  I realise now that the cafe cup was actually much rounder but what the heck.  Also added a bit of ephemera to mark the moment.  How hard is it to draw a circle?  The saucer looks even more lopsided now that it's in blog land.

A number of the online students also did pics of their "tools".  So I couldn't resist and here you have a small selection of pencils, pen, mini watercolour pallet and the round thing is actually a sponge that I use to wipe my brush. Should give it a wash occasionally and in case you are wondering, nothing is drawn to scale. I was so pleased they actually look like the items on my desk that I didn't bother with measurements.  Of course I have hundreds of pens and pencils and I am becoming a little addicted to creating mini watercolour pallets. A quick look at Pinterest and you get a feel that creating the perfect pallet is a never ending story.  Have a lovely woyww and plans to visit lots of desk over the week.