Wednesday, May 14, 2014

woyww -towering teacups

My tower of teacups is ready to topple over this woyww.  I got around to trying out the little box of Koi watercolours I purchased a couple of weeks age.   They are definitely much brighter/saturated colours then what I generally use and it will take a little time to adjust to the colour/ water mix.    As I have been doing lots of sketching this week (which was quite bland) a burst of colour was a nice change.
 My fascination with the can pen is over. It is a very scratchy writing tool with an uneven ink flow and didn't cope with my heavy handed writing. Glad I tried it out as it might of been a great discovery.  But now I know .... just drink the coke and put the can in the recycling bin.   Hope there have been lots of discoveries on other woyww desks this week.


  1. Really love the blast of colour from using the new paints....brightened my day :-)
    Annie x # 32

  2. Sometimes, life is just too short to make your own nibs. Buy yourself a really good calligrapher's set...much easier! I adore those bright watercolours - I think I'd like to get some of those. They appeal to me more than the normal palette. You get great results from both - clever gal!!
    Hugs, LLJ 22 xx
    PS What the hell were you DOING with the pins to get blood smears everywhere?? :-)

  3. Hi
    It's been a while I know, since I last managed to link up but I'm back now and just popping my head round the door to say hello!
    Love the vibrant colours of your china!
    Thanks for sharing your creative space and I hope you have a good week too.

    Neil #10

  4. Yes, I love those bright watercolours too! Looking good on the teacups! Probably not worth making your own nibs though?
    What blood smears???

  5. Lovely vibrant colours. Not what you would expect from watercolours. Reminds me of my Inktense pencils. Can pens? Very intriguing. I'm quite a heavy handed writer too, so I don't think they would work for me either.

    Fiona #41

  6. Loving the vibrant colours of the cups.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Enjoy WOYWW and the rest of the week. Sue 51

  7. Great watercolor drawing. They look wnderful. I wondered about that pen. I am trying a parallel pen it is for calligraphy. Not going well and pen is excellent.

    Monica #84

  8. I have seen lots of versions of toppling teacups and your's are lovely. I love the beautiful vibrant colours. Happy WOYWW. x

  9. LOVE the colorful tea cup tower! I agree they are a lot like the Inktense in brightness, may have to investigate them a little more. They might make a good combo for art journaling.

    Can pens I've not heard of, but with your tutorial about them I'll pass, I too am to heavy handed.

    Thanks for the earlier pop by, sent you and e-mail....grin
    Krisha #19

  10. shiny and bright toppling tea cups, love the bold colors. e well Carole #44

  11. The cup painting is lovely - it would look great framed, hanging in a kitchen. Well done for trying the pens - even if it didn't work as well as you hoped. Have a great week, Chris # 23 xx

  12. Your cups are fab, they do look nice and bright considering they're watercolours! I have a stamp that's remarkably like that only much smaller at about 5" high. The can pen sounded interesting!! Love the pear and red chilli further down. Thank you for the anniversary wishes.

    Brenda 70

  13. Hi Sandra,

    Love your brightly painted tower of teacups! (say that three times fast) I have a heavy hand when it comes to lettering. I had very small print in school so my teachers made me write really big and unfortunately it's kind of stuck.

    Thank you for visiting me!
    Happy belated WOYWW
    peace, Kay (35)

  14. Am impressed with the pen, even if it did end up in the bin. Love your painting, as you say the colours are bright but they look wonderful.
    Hugs, Neet 13 xx

  15. Hi Sandra, love those teacups. The bright strong colours work perfectly for the subject, don't they?The pen looked an interesting ides, I shall have to go back and look at that, I had a teacher at school used to say my handwriting looked like a spider had crawled out the inkwell across my page, lol. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #29 xx

  16. You're never going to guess what I got in my mailbox today (Saturday). OK, maybe you CAN guess, since it had your name on the return address. I haven't opened it yet, but suspect it's for 260. Thank you for thinking of me. I am super grateful. Thanks also for visiting me on Wednesday and happy very belated WOYWW from #1.