Wednesday, June 25, 2014

woyww - colour charts

Almost forgot to post for woyww and I can only say I got distracted by colour charts.  My new metal watercolour box arrived and I was playing with different pans of colour trying to work out which ones I like and how they fit into the box?  Of course I had to try out the free colour charts that came in the package and that lead to looking at pinterest and you tube to see what colours are popular and that became another distraction.  But I did learn that I manage better with a limited selection of colours.  If I have access to 50 colours I will use all 50.  The whole topic put kitty to sleep, so I better hurry up and post.

Have a lovely woyww and hope to visit lots of desks over the coming weekend.


  1. Hullo Sandra.. great fun colour charts as you say wnd do find them useful too. Must admit I do find Pinterest a great resource but can be a time stealer too. Happy WOYWW
    Shaz in Oz xxx #14

  2. Hi Sandra, are the new watercolours good? I understand about being distracted by colour charts :) Those distress paints are really nice colours, and I've put off getting any because I simply don't need them! But I am rather pleased with them! Not sure about Quilt show, possibly not :) am going to order some things I "need" from craftonline very soon.

  3. Oh and kitty is looking VERY cute. LLJ has a very similar kitty pic too!

  4. Is it really sad and geeky of me that I could happily live with those colour charts on my wall?? Yep, it is but I love them. They're so satisfying, like pencils all neatly lined up in their box.

    I think I'm discovering I've got OCD-itis in my middle years - grin
    Hugs, LLJ 16 xx

    PS We've got twin, sleepy cats!! Lol x

  5. I love it when kitties sleep like that - reminds me of when the kids were babies... sleeping arms and legs akimbo!!
    Great colour charts - I just don't have the patience... which is bad as it's my Word for this Week *oops!*
    Happy WOYWW x
    no. 19

  6. I really need a good little watercolor box like that. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #50

  7. What fun with your color charts. Sweet kitty all fast asleep!
    Glenda #56

  8. Hi,
    I'm just doing a quick visit round a few of my favourite Wednesday blogs now I've cleared a good amount off my to do list and am too tired to start any more special dress alterations. :-) I will start afresh in the morning :-)
    Love the pic of kitty....that's just how I'm feeling right now :-)
    Annie x # 33

  9. Hi Sandra de,

    So many cute cat photos this week.

    Your watercolor mixing looks great. Why not use all 50 colors! It's all about using what you have. I get lost in pinterest. In the evening after I get home from work I can look at pins on my smart phone. Before I know the evening has passed and it's time to go to bed!

    Thank you for the birthday wishes. I wondered how a few of you knew -- then saw where Nikki gave a shout out. We discovered we have the same birthday last year. It's fun to share a special day with another WOYWWer.

    Thank you for visiting me already.
    Happy WOYWW
    Peace, Kay (17)

  10. Ha! Kitty sleeps in a position that my baby gal used to favour....crikey that takes me back! the distractions onto you tube would have made me sleep too, but till that point, I totally understand how absorbing new colours, paints, arranging a box..all of that. Lovely! And I think you're right, the less choice I have, the more inventive I am and the greater use my stash gets.

  11. Have fun with the color chart. Your kitty is so cute. #4

  12. Really curious as to what you discovered re popularity of colours. Daren't go and look myself as I'll never get off Pinterest and I'm determined to look at and comment on everyone's WOYWW posts. Now I'm at #57 it's become somewhat of a crusade :-) I admire your discipline (if that's the right word) to actually use colour charts. I always seem to get frustrated with not being able to recreate a colour exactly.
    Have a lovely time playing.
    Gillian #66

  13. Thanks for shareing what you have been up to. Happy WOYWW!

  14. I am a sampling addict. I love color charts and swatches! thanks for sharing yours and discovering it is soporific for kitties!
    thanks for visiting
    robyn 10

  15. Ooooh I love paint boxes too but do get bewildered by colours sometimes! Keep wondering if I should get one of those colour wheel thingies ... What a cute kitty! Happy WOYWW :) Annie C # 54

  16. Ohhh love the look of your paints, Sandra. I know what you mean about all the colours though. I would need them all!!!
    We've had a chuckle over your kitty, doesn't matter where they live in the world, cats always behave the same don't they! Just off to watch my fav programme about Australia on TV.
    Hugs Lisax #38

  17. That kittie looks comfortable! I always want all the colors, too! :) #71

  18. Oooh yes loving your new paint tin Sandra, I would want all the colours even if it was just to look at them, sad eh. I know what you mean about you tube and pinterest. I go looking for something and end up getting lured somewhere totally different and two hours later I can't even remember what I went on there to look for.
    Kitty is one fine looking sleepy cat.
    Lottie #80

  19. LOL second post today I've seen with a pretend dead kitty they are so funny how they sleep at times and it's so true about watercolours how you can work with what you have but when you get more you wonder how you survived before blending your own colours lol
    hugs Nikki 11

  20. Thanks for the visit. I too love color swatches and variety..Cats amaze me....they don't miss a trick Have a lovely weekend.

  21. What a happy cat, and what super paints. Hope you enjoy playing with them and have some fun, if you can do it without distractions!
    bless you
    Chris #25

  22. Hi Sandra thanks for visiting me earlier and the nice comments. I love your cat.
    I understand about distractions, I still need to finish my visits as I have been busy writing a post for tomorrow re. my 1st blogaversary giveaway.
    Happy crafting, Angela x #43

  23. Oh Sandra - you made me smile. Distractions - the bane of my life - I too look something up, get a link, then another and so on until I have wasted more time than I can afford to. Most of the time I want to go back to something I saw, didn't take a note of it, and then I can't find it. Does that sound familiar?
    Guess Kitty has the right idea.
    Hugs and thanks for visiting me - Neet xx 27

  24. Yes, I think you are right, Sandra. A limited palette of colours is actually much better. I do love the idea of you sitting there gradually getting more and more distracted and going off down different tangents.... much like I do most of the time in fact.
    Thanks for visiting - I was pleased with the sunrise picture - even if it wasn't quite the shot I was hoping for!
    Margaret #20

  25. Ooh I get very distracted when I get new paints. I agree with a limited palette or there will be just too many colours. Having said that I'm terrible and use way too many brights. I had to turn my computer off to get my paintings done as they are really bad for distracting you. I love the colours in your book.Have a great week.
    Von #27

  26. Hi Sandra Happy WOYWW - slowly getting to snoop a few more desks. Have fun with the new paints. Cheers and also have a great weekend RobynO#29

  27. Hi Sandra, cats do sleep in the most amazing positions, don't they? I so agree about colours- you always think you need more, then find you have far too much choice to be able to make a decision! And Pinterest! Don't get me started, If I only made a quarter of all the things I've pinned for inspiration, I'd need at least three lifetimes. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #35 xx