Wednesday, August 13, 2014

woyww - a teacup or two

This weeks SBS klass has been with Liz Steel and we covered teacups and architectural drawing.  Well to tell the truth I am still struggling to draw an ellipse and getting those teacups to sit on the saucer with some form of perspective and proportion.  My first pic shows the cup and some details that Liz suggests you sketch out quickly so that you understand the cup before you draw.  She manages to drink her tea hot while she is sketching and painting! Mine went cold and I went back to using a mug. The next pic has a wide border because I cannot even draw a straight line but in the end it really didn't matter.
Have really enjoyed SBS.  All the teachers are wonderful and had such different styles and I learnt lots of tips and techniques.  Now I just have to practice, practice and more practice.  Not enough time in the day or night.  Off to join in on woyww and I promise to slowly drop in and visit lots of desks.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Drawing with a biro

The class this week at SBS is with Andrea Joseph and drawing with a pen or biro.  Not something I would ever think of doing (apart from doodling on a scrap of paper) and it has been a great exercise.  Her illustrations are wonderful and her tips have been really helpful.  The top pic is a collection drawing and the one below is a quote using her hand lettering style.

All in all a very good class in SBS.