Wednesday, June 10, 2015

woyww - ATC mail

  I have been away for a week and look what was waiting on my desk .....wonderful ATC's from; Twiglet, Wipso, Lisa M, Nicki C, Mary Anne, Neets, Angela, LLJ and Shaz.   I get such a thrill to have a wonderful collection of ATC's and admire everyones techniques and skills.  From dumfing, sewing, stamping, coptic colouring, gelliprints, watercolours, embossing to pop up boxes.  All of them absolutely fabulous ...... thank you so much. 

A pic of the side view of the box I started a couple of weeks ago.   While I was away I tried my hand at veges with Tracey Fletcher King's online class "Delicious Paints". I nailed the asparagus and carrot  but, the beetroot/radish and cherry tomatoes are having an identity crisis. In the end I just have to move on and do something else.

Have a wonderful woyww and I plan to slowly pop round and have a peek at lots of desks.  


  1. Wow. Where do I start? The ATCs are really gorgeous. Your decorated box is stunning and the latest artwork is fab. What a lovely show and tell this week.
    Annie x # 20

  2. Aren't the ATCs lovely! I thought you might have got on to Tracey's workshop :)
    Lunch on 17 June should be fine. (It's not school hols is it?) Can we confirm Mon 15? Looking forward to it :)

  3. That's a great collection of ATCs and the box is lovely. Thanks for the visit to mine and have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela xXx 24

  4. A beautiful looking box on you desk .happy woyww Jill #20

  5. Glad you liked my little dumfling! - enjoy your week. x jo

  6. Hi Sandra, haven't all the ATC's been wonderful? Love that box,it's gorgeous. Laughing at your veg having an identity crisis! I really hope I'm right, and it was a case of poor communication- my surgeons nurse told me( before we saw him) she used to be this consultants theatre nurse, and that he was lovely, really down to earth, so I was surprised it turned out how it did. It's most likely he will have to do the surgery, as he's the expert at this, so I'd hate to be under a surgeon I couldn't take to.Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #4 xxx

  7. Weren't all the ATC's simply wonderful! I loved adding this year's additions to those from last year and what a stunning collection they make. Happy WOYWW'ing! Love Debbie #9

  8. Great ATCS and love the box
    I've been away for over a year and just realising how much I've missed 'normal' Wednesdays with WOYWW visits!
    Happy Crafting

  9. Gorgeous atcs, I had some beauties too.. Helen 3

  10. I love your watercolour veggies! They all look amazing to me...I could see them on a fabric actually :-)
    That's a lovely hoard of ATCs you've got's been fun, hasn't it?!
    Hugs, LLJ 17 xxx

  11. wow all your ATCs are so lovely! and the box is fab too :) lea #34

  12. Those ATC's are wonderful and your box is gorgeous. I love your veggies and I'm so happy you are taking Tracey's class. She is a friend of mine and is just as crazy in real life.
    Have a great week,
    Von #17

  13. At first I thought the ATCs had come from the crop, but then I realized I sent enough for everyone, plus extras. So, these must have come from individuals who sent them on their own. I LOVED your fan that I saw on several desks. and of course, I was in awe of what you sent to Shaz.

    That's a beautiful box, and those veggies still look 1000 times better than anything I could make.

    I had intended to visit before I fell asleep this morning, but sleep won out, especially since either blogger is very slow today, or my computer is on its last leg. Happy WYOWW from # 1.

  14. Oh You got a Zombie Girl so happy it made it to you and all the rest look amazing. Your Fan was brilliant such a kewl idea and love the blades on it so wicked. I love tea so I've always got some type of cuppa on the go right now it's late here and I'm having some licorice spice tea mmm so perfect before bed time Thanks for trading
    hugs Nikki 6

  15. I do like your painting of the veggies! Vegatables and fruits were prompts over at ICAD this week and I did not dare to paint/draw them.. instead, I went with only the colors. (part is in today's blogpost, if you're curious...) I hope your day/weekend is as sunny and warm as it is overhere in the Netherlands... sunshiny days and craftyness are the best! happy (belated) woyww and a hug from Holland, Marit #37

  16. Pretty pretty ATC's. Something to look at on dull, rainy winter days, eh?
    Nice little veggie painting. The tomatoes could have a bit of dark green on their stalks/leaves?
    Have a good week and thanks for visiting my blog (and for the nice comment).
    Lizzie #65

  17. Lovely set of atc's for us all to look at - and I like your veggies.
    Hugs, Neet (who missed you out last week on WOYWW, sorry, things got in the way)