Wednesday, October 7, 2015

woyww - cuttlebug and a few pansies

Now my cuttlebug has not seen the light of day for at least one year!  Finally got around to using a couple of script dies bought online months ago. At the time I absolutely needed a "thank you and hello" die, once they arrived I didn't even open the package.  What is wrong with me?  But I did try my hand at botanical painting with these miniature pansies.

Billy Showell and Anna Mason are brilliant artists and I spotted a few of their you tube clips and before you know it I subscribed to a free tutorial.
I give all credit to these wonderful artists who also have the patience of Job.  I didn't even think to draw the flowers larger and after hours of painting I have 3 little flowers and a leaf.  
You live and learn.

Have a wonderful woyww week.  


  1. Hi Sandra,
    The flowers look at little like miniature violets. Anyway, they look fabulous!!
    How did you find the latest Liz Steele course?
    Ditto about the dies. I bought a Congratulations one recently just for one (wedding) card. It's quite nice. I'll swap you some for some of your thank yous or hellos :)

  2. Your painted flowers look beautiful!

    Greetings, Sofie #51

  3. Good morning Sandra. Your pansies are stunning...just like a photo. I really love all the little faces of a flower bed full of pansies. Have a great week.
    Annie x #6

  4. They may be little but they're perfectly formed.....wish I could say Just Like Me, but I'd be lying through my teeth!! The purpley indigo seems to pulse with colour...gorgeous!
    Hugs, LLJ 10 xxx

  5. Was just going to click Julia off when I spied you. So glad I did as I love your paintings. How fantastic those tiny flowers are, so delicate and so true to life. Must check out the two names you give us.
    Well done you - fantastic!
    Hugs Neet 5 xx

  6. Haha, you're not last at all :) Re. lunch - any Wed except 4 Nov should be OK.

  7. Haha, you're not last at all :) Re. lunch - any Wed except 4 Nov should be OK.

  8. your pansies are beautiful!! Helen #1

  9. Hi Sandra
    Isn't it funny, I use my Cuttlebug every day and couldn't live without it but yet I couldn't paint such wonderful pansies if I tried, although I would dearly love too. They are stunning, you should be very proud of them. I love pansies/Violas and have just discovered the little perennial ones with such wonderful scent. They have flowered from March through until now and are still going strong. I will blog some piccies of them for you.
    Hope all is good down under.
    Hugs Lisa xx

  10. I love those little pansies - they are so exquisite and have an almost photographic quality - your talent for watercolours is amazing. Thanks so much for stopping by mine earlier - I hope you have a fun week cuttlebugging!
    Diana #25

  11. I think, Sandra, that you are not alone in not using crafty tools immediately they are received, even when they were 'absolutely needed' at the time of ordering. I'm guilty of the same too, though my die-cutting machine does used quite often. Love the violas and your paintings of them ... you are clearly a very talented artist. Have a great weekend. Elizabeth x #35

  12. Hi Sandra, lovely pansies and gorgeous art work. I use my Cuttlebug lots though I have other machines too. When I saw the machine I first thought you were going to use it to press the flowers which is a technique I've used before and it can be very effective. Thanks for the visit to mine and happy crafting, Angela x 19