Wednesday, October 21, 2015

cards and gum leaves

Whenever I go for a walk I seem to come home with hands and pockets full of feathers, rocks and leaves that I plan to paint.  This week an assorted collection of gum leaves.   Showed it to DS as I was fishing for a compliment and asked "do they look realistic?" and he replied "They're leaves mum. Save yourself some time and just take a photo".  He did have a point

Also busy using up a few watercolour flowers for a selection of cards made for the school fete this weekend.  Lots more in a box and hopefully they will sell.  Always surprising how little people want to pay for craft.  But, as it is for a good cause hopefully people will be generous.

Have a lovely woyww peek and I promise to slowly visit desks.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

woyww - Lily & Pear

Still painting flowers and fruit and enjoying the process.  The Lily was painted following Billy Showell's wet on wet technique and a bit of scrubbing to get the line definition on the bud.  Happy with the end result and more satisfying painting something larger than violets.  
The pear was painted following Anna Mason's free tutorial.  She used a wet on dry technique and I am pleased with the results ... although the green was a tad too dark.  But I love online workshops so learning new techniques is always a winner.  A slow peek at woyww desks over the coming days.  Never seem to have time to sit and visit everyone in one sitting.
Have a fun woyww

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

woyww - cuttlebug and a few pansies

Now my cuttlebug has not seen the light of day for at least one year!  Finally got around to using a couple of script dies bought online months ago. At the time I absolutely needed a "thank you and hello" die, once they arrived I didn't even open the package.  What is wrong with me?  But I did try my hand at botanical painting with these miniature pansies.

Billy Showell and Anna Mason are brilliant artists and I spotted a few of their you tube clips and before you know it I subscribed to a free tutorial.
I give all credit to these wonderful artists who also have the patience of Job.  I didn't even think to draw the flowers larger and after hours of painting I have 3 little flowers and a leaf.  
You live and learn.

Have a wonderful woyww week.