Wednesday, June 29, 2016

woyww - not a lot

 Not a lot on my desk this woyww as I pack up to go on a holiday.  But what I do have is a gift box all decorated ready for the parting gift.

A  21st card for a girl who likes shimmery pink.  

A sketch I did last holiday of my travel art kit.  
Have a lovely woyww and I plan to be back and have a peek at lots of desks in a week or 2.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

woyww - a cute rodent and cards

 Last weeks rodent is now finished and sitting happily on my desk.  A big thank you to Lisa M and her gorgeous card which brightened up my week.
 A close up of the little fellow and I have to say I am pleased with the end result.
Final pic is the lovely ATC from Sylvia which arrived today just as I was getting ready to post for woyww.   Perfect timing and a big thank you to Sylvia and Lisa.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

woyww -a mouse, card and atc

 On my desk this week is a stunning birthday card.  A big thank you RosA a gorgeous card.
 Two great ATC from Angela (L) and LLJ (R).  Thank you ladies my wonderful collection keeps growing.
 Last week I mentioned I found an extra couple of boxes of stuff ..... a trip to Ikea  sorted out the storage problem.  Best of all I now have a trolley which I can wheel to a choice of two desks.  The colour alone makes me happy.

Finally my mouse peeking through the blades of grass.  Planning to finish painting this little fellow by the weekend.   Pretty cute for a rodent.

Have a wonderfully crafty woyww.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

woyww- sorting and hoarding

 The most wonderful collection of ATC's are on my desk this wednesday.  Starting from top L the beautiful felted/dumpfed ATC from Maxine.  Thank you :) Followed by Twiglet's gorgeous machine stitched flowers and Wipso's stunning landscape. Middle row, left is from Shaz and after the year she has gone through "Love Live Laugh" means so much.  Next is from Lisca and I am amazed at the intricate work she has completed for her first ATC. Bridget's sunny flower reminds me of beautiful Queensland. Bottom L Diana's amazing ATC, moi and Nikki C and her whimsical characters.  Love them all ... thank you.
 A pic of the other side of my craft room.  Desk all set up to sketch a field mouse which is June's tutorial.  Thought I had sorted all my goodies and pleased everything had fitted neatly into the ikea bookcase until I opened the wardrobe and found another couple of boxes!  Starting to think I am a hoarder.

Now that my craft room is rearranged I can look out onto the deck and a few trees.  Usually kitty sits on the railing screaming to be let in.  
Have a craft filled woyww.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

woyww - white walls and atc

 Not a lot of craft happening on my desk this woyww.  But, I did get to move most of the furniture and craft stuff back into my room after it was painted.  Trying hard to get rid of rubbish but there are so many bits and pieces that I just can't throw away.  The bowing in the shelf at the back of the desk shows just how much rubbish I had!!
A close up of two wonderful ATC's  and cards that have already arrived from the swap.  Thank you so much Nikki C and Diana.  They are stunning ATC's and I am so pleased to have swapped with you.  

An update on ATC's that I have posted:
Lisa M
Nikki C
Maxine (in the post tomorrow I promise)
RosA (swap at lunch)

Have a creative woyww week.