Tuesday, June 13, 2017

woyww - a big hand

Painting a hand is the June tutorial from Anna Mason's online class.  

Stage 2 and it is definitely coming alive.    

But the most exciting things on my desk this week are the lovely ATC's and cards.  Starting on the left from Lisa M, Angela, Twiglet, Neet, LLJ, Marit and Wipso.  Thank you everyone they are stunning.

Happy WOYWW.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

woyww - a collection of ATC's

My desk this week has a  lovely collection of ATC's and tags.  Starting on the left I have an ATC from Julia, tag from Sarah, followed by ATC from Shaz in Oz and finally a Fairy ATC from Shaz in the UK.

Thank you everyone, I am thrilled to add these to my woyww collection.

The finished kitty from last week.

Have a lovely week and I promise to visit but it will be a slow meander over the weekend.