Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter fun

Happy Easter to all who celebrate and a happy break to those who don't.  I have finished 2 of the 5 projects over the easter break and quite pleased with the end result.   My first she art girl (tissue paper background that misbehaved and was sent to the corner).

She art 2 or little miss frumpy (named by DH) is on a sheet music and book page background.

I have to admit it was fun and they did take on their own persona as I was stamping and splashing paint around.  


  1. miss frumpy is

    and i love her

    that is a mighty fine background you've got going on there.

    zooming in for closer look.
    (and hoping i get a good word verification)


  2. no.

    it was just pretr

    sounds slavic.

  3. I really like these girls. They are like the ones that my friend Dana is now making. None of her pieces have faces. I can see the appeal. She and you must be taking the same class. Yours are wonderful, as are the backgrounds.

  4. Fabulous work - love the girls and your backgrounds are gorgeous - full of lovely texture and stamping and detail :)

  5. They are both fabulous. Love the way you've done those backgrounds! Miss Frumpy is great!

  6. Hi Sandra what fabulous work I just love your 'She Art Girls' especially the dress on the first canvas so imaginative.
    I've become a follower and looking forward to seeing more of your work. Thank you for your kind comments on my work.
    Kathleen xx