Wednesday, April 20, 2011

woyww and unfinished projects

5 unfinished projects at last count, not bad considering it has been a busy week and I still managed to start 5 projects.  On the left is my first draft from the She Art Workshop a bit too cute but the techniques are  interesting.  In the background a 12 x 12 canvas that I completed at Nat Kalbach's workshop on Monday night.  I still have to pick a photo for the blank spot and was thinking of adding the family pic.   Nat's workshop was great and again it was great working with gesso and learning something new.  Finally in the middle of my desk is the sulking background from last week.  Yes it is back and we are on speaking terms.

Have to hop over to Julia's blog to see what everyone else has been doing.  I feel like life is on fast forward thank goodness for the easter break.


  1. Hi Sandra, All of those projects look they have potential. The canvas will be great and I think the photo is probably a nice idea. The She Art is a bit cute but all the same it is rather appealing. Maybe you could add a bit of bling for a sort of magical, sparkly look? And I think the sulking background most certainly can turn into something good. Looking forward to a few days off. Maybe you can get them all finished over Easter.

  2. Best of luck on finishing up your projects. I'm in the same predicament here!

  3. You are on a roll! I really like your SheArt picture! Yes it is cute but not overly cute. And both your backgrounds look great! I especially love the colours in the badly behaved one! There is hope for that mischief maker yet!
    xoxo Karen #43

  4. Oooh love that SheArt and the canvas, yummy colours!

  5. I like the she art! It is cute but more of a rustic than cutesy cute. I have a bipolar artsy day I am grunge and some times I can get really cute. Have a fun week finishing your projects. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #28

  6. Wow! These are looking really good! Even the sulking canvas! I've been seeing "She art" in some other blogs, and it seems like an exciting workshop. Patsy from

  7. Your She Art girl is cute, I like her a lot. Your background canvas look gorgeous, like the colors. Great work.

  8. Love the gesso and pretty colours there! great to see your creativity at work, thanks for popping over and thanks for sharing and Happy WOYWW! Shaz in oz.x

  9. i love starting a whole bunch of crap that i won't finish.
    i do that a Lot.

    HEY. You read White Teeth?

    I do not mind telling you that is ONe of my favorite books.

    maybe you'd like the tale of edgar sawtelle
    oh christ:
    white oleander

    A FIne Balance.

    oh migod.
    read a fine balance.

    and then read the road.

    yeah, i see that list.
    we like a lot of the same books.

    (at first i wrote 'we lick a lot of the same books', but I changed it to like because I am not sure what books you lick. i only know about the ones *i* lick)

  10. Loving the blue & green on the 12x12 canvas and I'm glad you're back on speaking terms with that other canvas. I do now have a vision of you sitting at your desk chattering away to all your creations!

    Hope you have a lovely Easter, xxx

  11. I've started things that I've now forgotten all about, then I see other people's fab ideas and remember ! love those colours on your canvas
    Happy late WOYWW


  12. Loving the projects have fun creating and finishing them