Tuesday, July 31, 2012

woyww- stray bits

Missed last week due to coughs and colds.  Back at the desk and working on numerous stray bits which highlight how scatty my brain can be over a week.  Starting from the lower left side of my craft mat a pendant which will be a gift for a colleague.  Left over stamps used on a journal page. Hanging above my water jar is a colour wheel that I finally completed so that I might eventually get the whole colour wheel concept. Moulds of flowers and cogs waiting to be coloured.  A japanese inspired ATC on display. I used a rubber stamp that I won on Jozarty's blog candy eons ago (thank you Jo).  Finally the journal page waiting for some inspiration as it rests with left over wool from my knitting.  Finally the Kindle on recharge so that I can read into the night. 

 Best of all is what arrived from Lisa ...

Now for your Wednesday dose of inspiration and crafty pleasure go to  woyww.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

woyww - progressive atc

My first progressive atc and the steps are not that complicated but rather repetitive.   I won't type out the page of instructions.  (Although a nincompoop like me actually needs the pages of instructions so that I could understand what I was meant to do.)  But woyww are far more clever.  You need 3 people in the group.  First person makes the background sends to second person who adds focal image who then sends to third person to add embellishments. Then you all swap places and so that in the end you have 3 different atc's with each step created by a different person.   Not sure yet which focal image I will use.
A completed box using quite a few of Andy Skinner's techniques i.e. copper patina, chipped and rusted paint and rivets and rust.
Finally a pic of another lovely orchid flowering on my deck. 
See you all on the wonderful world of woyww....

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

woyww - cards

Cleaning up my desk after making a couple of cards and finishing a project.  
 Close up of the cards, I usually leave them blank and stamp on a sentiment as needed.
The one on the left is a simple kaiser craft stamp on cardstock and on the right a glimmermist background with flowers, lace and bling.  A bit over the top but after doing one of Finnabair's inspired projects I thought I showed restrain.
The front and back cover of a new book using recycled bits and pieces including bottle tops, broken jewelry, hair clip, bolts, washes and lots of stash.  The project was inspired by Finnabair and held at a workshop by Sue from Fantasia.  Lots of fun and definitely worth trying again.

WOYWW is why I am showing what is on my desk this beautiful sunny wednesday.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday in Sydney

A sunny winter Monday just calls you to take a ferry ride to Cockatoo Island and join in the 18th Biennale of Sydney.

Cockatoo Island a former prison and ship yard in Sydney Harbour.  Now part of the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust and a great place to visit if you love industrial sites (DH) and modern art (moi).

Tiffany Singh's wind chime installation set in the old convict  site.  We had fun running through and making music.  

My perfect idea of shelves with an industrial twist.

Not an art installation but a left over shipbuilding essential right in the middle of Sydney Harbour.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

woyww - copper patina

My desk is littered with drying samples of my attempt at the Andy Skinner's Copper Patina effects, ATC backgrounds for a progressive atc, a cup of herbal tea and other random things that just get dumped on my desk.  I have never participated in a progressive ATC and the list of instructions (on the left) may actually scare me off!  
A close up of one of the copper patina attempts

which started life as white cardstock which I embossed using the Stampin Up "Manhattan Flower" folder.  Not sure what I am going to do with them but finding the effect really interesting.

Wonder what everyone else is doing on woyww?