Tuesday, July 31, 2012

woyww- stray bits

Missed last week due to coughs and colds.  Back at the desk and working on numerous stray bits which highlight how scatty my brain can be over a week.  Starting from the lower left side of my craft mat a pendant which will be a gift for a colleague.  Left over stamps used on a journal page. Hanging above my water jar is a colour wheel that I finally completed so that I might eventually get the whole colour wheel concept. Moulds of flowers and cogs waiting to be coloured.  A japanese inspired ATC on display. I used a rubber stamp that I won on Jozarty's blog candy eons ago (thank you Jo).  Finally the journal page waiting for some inspiration as it rests with left over wool from my knitting.  Finally the Kindle on recharge so that I can read into the night. 

 Best of all is what arrived from Lisa ...

Now for your Wednesday dose of inspiration and crafty pleasure go to  woyww.


  1. Love that wisteria on the card at the end of your posting (is it wisteria?). Lovely busy desk and a great description of what is on it.
    Thanks for sharing - Hugs, neet xx #27

  2. All very organised and a space ready for your next project Sandra de...how exciting.
    I really must get myself a journal because every time I see a WOYWWer's journal I want one too.
    Is that wistera? Love it ;D
    And best of all I adore my kindle ~ don't you?
    Thanks for sharing all of your stuff...I enjoyed my visit.
    Happy WOYWW ~ Have fun desk hopping ;D
    Neesie #37

  3. You sound so busy and yet your desk is so tidy. I spread out everywhere when I work. Dani#26

  4. The wisteria card is beautiful. I think it is wisteria...

    You have lots of interesting and fun things to play with this week.

  5. I love my kindle too, its just the greatest gadget. Your ATC is just lovely, love wisteria. Sandy :)

  6. Beautiful desk, I love love love colour wheels, they are indispensable, and I have had mine stolen - I will go get my replacement today...

    I have mailed ( Saturday - so it WILL be with you soooon)

    Dxxx 78

  7. I love my iPad.
    What's that White thing on the shelf at the back Sandra
    Lynn 74

  8. Lovely wisteria, and the simple one-word fits it perfectly. I'm on a reading binge to, to the point that Eastenders episodes are stacking up on the DVR. DS home from Uni and I blasted thru Game of Thrones and then bought the books. I'm on book4 already and gulping them down. Usually I hate watching something THEN reading the books, cause the actors replace any vision of the characters I may have had coming to the books first, but I just wanted to get on with the story!
    Happy WOYWW!

    MA (8)

  9. Gorgeous card from Lisa. I love wisterias :-)
    A x #64

  10. Nice work from Lisa, crikey there's some talent on WOYWW! Like the stamps you were using, and the colours on your page. Colour wheel...I've got the basics.. but my memory is so rubbish that I don't think the rest will stick!

  11. Beaut card from Lisa.....she does plants so very well. Your desk looks nice and orderly but busy this week and it's nice that I get a mention too... glad the stamp came in handy!
    love JoZarty x

  12. Love the card you received, lots of goodies on your desk. I'm an old fashioned page turner myself, no electronics for reading with me.
    Have a great week.
    Von #35

  13. Fab card from Lisa. Hope you are feeling better. Happy Yorkshire Day! x Jo

  14. Gorgeous ATC, Sandra, and lots of lovely interesting and colourful things on your desk! Love your DIY colour wheel. I'm only now getting into the whole colour theory thing, and have managed pretty well throughout many, many years of creativity without knowing a thing about it but just going with my instincts lol! (Kaffe Fassett always used to boast about how he had no colour theory, and look at him - so it's not essential!!)

    I missed quite a few of the regulars last week, and sorry your absence was due to illness. Hope you're well on the mend now.

    Thanks for your visit, and your lovely comment. Glad you liked my projects, even if I was unable to upload a desk photo! (Power unit arrived this a.m. and it's lovely to have my big laptop back in action!)

    Happy WOYWW,

  15. Glad you're on the mend! I like the look of that pendant - is it dichroic glass?? I've got a few pieces of that - it's sparkly, you see and I am a born magpie !!
    Hugs, LLJ #1 xx

  16. Hi Sandra Thanks for popping to see me. I thought those strands of wool were a neat paint effect at first! They match you page beautifully. Fab card - Lovely Wisteria stamp. WOYWW Hugs from Helen 19

  17. Great desk. Lovely card. Glad you on mend. Thanks for visiting
    Famfa 33

  18. Glad your feeling better.. great desk.. love the card.. Have a happy week, Hugs May x x x#12

  19. What a beautiful ATC! That jogged my memory that I still have stray ATCs on my desk and some should be sent to you. I'll have to dig down in that pile again and get it in motion! I've had weeks like that where I kind of flutter from one thing to the next and you're right that your desk reflects it with the various things left on it. I hope you are feeling better now.

  20. It seems there were several of us MIA last week. Your desk looks very happy and busy! That ATC is gorgeous - lucky you!!

    Thanks for visiting and leaving such a sweet comment.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay #31

  21. hope you are feeling better now,enjoy tackling your projects :)
    have a super woyww
    kay #82

  22. Glad to hear you're feeling better Sandra, you are feeling better aren't you, lol!! Lots to see on your desk this week, love that journal page and I too thought the wool was destined for the page as it matches perfectly! Very pretty atc from Lisa.

    Brenda 3

  23. Glad you are feeling better and back to your desk. Looks like you've got lots going on there!

  24. Loads of lovely goodies there - can I come and play please? :)

    Happy WOYWW, Di x #11

  25. Lots going on on your desk, Sandra! Thanks for the snoop! I especially liked the color wheel idea. I think I might do that, too, and can see where it might "stick" if I did something like that.

    Thanks for coming to visit me earlier and have a great week! Darnell #34

  26. so many goodies and what a gorgeous gift! glad you're feeling better. thanks for the visit this week. xx

  27. Seems a lot of us were missing last week, doesn't it? I hope you're feeling better - desk is looking quite inspiring!

    Thanks for stopping by...

  28. http://www.smco.co.uk/

    Here's a link for where I got a typewriter ribbon from. Hope it's useful.
    I think I might invest in a lamp like yours.
    Lynn x

  29. A great desk for a rather late snoop. Hope you are well. x M

  30. Great workspace. What is the colour chart I spy on a tag?
    Happy belated WOYWW

  31. Oh you have so many fun things on your desk to play with!! What fun. Glad you were able to get in at least one day this week to play!

    I'm having a giveaway, open worldwide this week. Come check it out if you get the chance!

    Amy E. #30

  32. Hi there Sandra ah so glad you are over those sniffles not nice and yep really love the card at the end too love wisteria...Thanks so much for popping over and thanks for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #43

  33. It is horrible having the sniffles I think you gave it to me, thanks. My head is so full and horrible it really isn't my head.

    Love that card you received beautiful and your desk looks like it is in creative mode. Nice ATC too.

    Eliza #16 again

  34. Glad you are feeling better! Spinster me, I was immediately drawn to your wool and matching journal page lol. Lovely crafty. And what a gorgeous card you've received! Belated happy WOYWW and thanks for visiting #23