Tuesday, August 28, 2012

woyww - the composition of rubbish

The recycled canvas is coming along slowly ... who would of thought the composition of rubbish would take so much contemplation and rearrangement.  A bit like compost!   Family comments varied from "but it's still rubbish" to "I like that you try".  Thank goodness I am made of tough stuff and comments just flow off me.  I also got carried away making text paper rolls and die cutting flowers.  

My other obsession this week was reading another Jo Nesbo book "The Leopard".  I cannot get enough of  Norwegian crime authors.  Any recommendations woyww's?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

woyww - recycling

Working on a recycled canvas and staying with that theme I am using recycled bits of paper, lace, earings, string, wire, plastic rings, tags, knitting needles and anything else I can find.  Following through with a theme often used by Finnabair which basically means you don't throw anything away and then you rummage through boxes of stuff and glue it down.

6 Mr Da Vinci's all in a row.  Completed and posted for the atc swap.  I used a quote attributed to him "Learning never exhausts the mind."  Well ... he was a genius.  I on the other hand often have an exhausted mind but, Leonardo and I are back on speaking terms.  Thanks to everyone for suggestions.   I am holding out on the gears as the next atc swap is steampunk.  I need all the gears I can get.

Off to the wonderful world of WOYWW.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

woyww - leonardo looking grim

Trying desperately to come up with something creative for an ATC swap.  An inventor theme and that is why "Leonardo" is looking grim on my desk.  He can't believe this is all I can come up with .... no imagination, no inventiveness and definitely no creativity this morning.  So Leonardo and I just keep staring at each other waiting for inspiration to strike.
On a good note I did finish the second pendant and attached it to a card.  I also did a bit of shopping and now have new stamps and TH embossing folders.  Thank goodness it's Wednesday and I can peek at everyones desk on woyww and take the pressure off Leonardo.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

woyww - gifts

A quiet week with more internet browsing then crafting happening at my desk.  
Thank goodness for the mail or I would have nothing to show.....
A wonderful collection of goodies from Doone which included 4 ATC's and a lovely assortment of goodies from papers to ribbon.  Thank you Doone it was a delight to rummage through all these bits and pieces.  I also won the July Paperarts WTA and so far have received 3 fantastic ATC's and still 5 more to come.  Woohoo!!  

I did finish one pendant from last week.  I tried different paper as backgrounds and had papers tear, bleed and buckle.  In the end I just used a (van Eyck) image from an art book  and trying scrapbook papers on the other pendant.  

Now to see what other Woyww are doing this very early Wednesday.