Wednesday, January 30, 2013

woyww - mess

The desk is a mess since I am back at work.  What you see is stuff on top of other stuff all waiting to move when a space appears in another spot.  A bit like musical chairs with a mad rush at the end for the little chair to park your bottom.  I am now painting on a small easel which DH bought as a surprise.  Well I was surprised ..... who would of thought online shopping would be his thing?
The completed box from last week as it waits for its final coat of sealant.  
Join in the wonderful woyww world courtesy of Julia.


  1. Love the colours and texture on your box, it's turned out beautifully.Have a great day, Hugs, Shaz xx #69

  2. I am NOT going to accept that your desk is a mess!!!!! No no no no! Take a look at mine if you disagree with my conclusion! :^) Fab box!
    Patsy from

  3. WOW - that box is spectacular.

    Happy WOYWW.

    Sarn xxx

  4. Your box is awesome!!! And I sometimes have to pile up things too on my workdesk...well, to be honest: cleaning up somehow always ends up as a re-arranging of things in other spaces that would need to be cleaned up too sometime ;)

    Have a wonderful WW!

    die amelie #66

  5. Beautiful box, and what a thoughtful hubby you have!! Helen, 9

  6. Lovely box. Your drawing looks fantastic, too! You're not the only one with a messy desk, believe me! lol

    Happy WOYWW from Egypt. xx
    Roudi # 94

  7. Your box is just so gorgeous!

  8. Mess!!! where?
    Cool box, great texture.
    Happy Desk Hopping Day
    Hugz Minxy #59

  9. Well, there you go...Harley riding mister sure knows you well!!! What a great ( and useful) prezzy :) I love the bluesy greens of that box, my favourite colours ever!
    And my Mister is getting ticked off with the moles....he's threatening to dynamite the little bu***ers out of the ground! Take cover............
    Hugs, LLJ 36 xxxx

  10. Some people really amaze me with there blog but you have blown me away with hubby shopping for you, he rocks.... Love that box you have created, just beautiful.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza 100

  11. LOVE the finished box!!! Just lovely colors and the right about of shimmer! The painting is coming along nicely too!

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #12

  12. our box has turned out beautifully, great colours. Hugs Mo x

  13. Oh that box is stunning I just love everything about it what a wonderful project. Thank you for sharing
    Ria #44

  14. Well done DH for treating you to that great easel for your poppies and painting. I bet you love using it.
    Your box is just gorgeous. You've used my favourite colour so I can't fail to have fallen in love with it.
    If you can get Craft Stamper in Oz I'd definitely give it ago, I think it's the best money I spend each month, I love poring over it and trying out the techniques. This month's arrived this morning and I'm saving it to read in bed!!
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #63

  15. Who cares about a bit of just gives us something to snoop :-)
    I'm rather late in getting round today but have had to wait til my twinnie grandees went home first...they arrived yesterday morning and had their first sleep over without Mum and Dad last night....just magic :-)
    A x #62

  16. hey, if we're playing the musical chairs thing, please can I bring a not-so-little chair?! What a sweet surprise from DH...I bet that makes painting life so much easier..and even smilier!

  17. Isnt that so wonderful of him to get you that easel. He is so clever. Love the texture on your box its so beautiful.
    Sandy :) #21

  18. No, sorry, that really isn't a messy desk. I think mine is under control at the moment because I can still see a little bit of benchtop! I love those plastic (BPA free) boxes. (I buy them at KMart.) I love your latest embellished box. I spy one of those metal flower thingies I gave you and also one of the ones you brought back from Bali. Cool! (BTW, you are SO lucky with the easel!)
    I will certainly show you what happens with the patchwork, but it won't be anytime soon :)

  19. How lovely to get a special easle. What a thoughtful gift. Thanks for sharing. Happy belated WOYWW. Caro #60

  20. Your metal bits and bobs box is wonderful and such a lucky girl getting the easel. Thanks for popping by my desk - BJ#42

  21. Hi Sandra - love this too can see a them beginning well done - great share! Shaz in oz.x
    Ps have an email just sent re the watermarks too - to keep your fantastic work safer. :D

  22. Sandra loving your work space .But even more so your beautiful decorated box the colours i adore .Have fun!
    Have crafty week hugs judex167

  23. Because I haven't been very good at visiting recently, I have to confess Sandra that I've had a GOOD snoop! Up close and personal!
    Beautiful flowers there, so obviously just the perfect gift!

    The box is exquisite and the colour just amazing...I love it.
    There's something kind of magical about keys don't you think?
    Thanks for coming to my place earlier and I'm going to sneek a peek further back in your posts now, because I don't like to think I've missed anything!
    I'm such a sticky beak! ;D
    Neesie ♥ #16

  24. The name of your blog is one of my favourite English words! You can't really translate it into our language - did you see the film??
    Your desk although quite messy does have lovely flowers on it and the box is amazing!
    Lots of hugs,

  25. What a thoughtful gift!

    Sorry I am so late posting, having a mare of a time.