Wednesday, June 19, 2013

woyww - no desk

A big thank you to Lisa and Bella for the lovely atc's which arrived last week after my Wednesday post.  In the meantime my camera has stopped working with a system zoom error continually coming up on the screen.  So I am using Photo Booth to take pics and post for woyww.  
A messy sunset but I will continue to persist and not over think what I did wrong.  As the teacher constantly told me "it's only a piece of paper.... just move on!"

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

woyww -sunset mail

More wonderful ATC mail has arrived from Caro and Monica.  Thank you both ... it is just lovely coming home and finding art in the post.  I also received the katzelkraft stamps I was hunting for a couple of weeks ago and a set of TH "vintage things blueprint" stamps that were on sale.    Lots of plans to do a few stamping projects but as you can see the packs are still closed.  I did quickly make a birthday card and went for dry embossing rather than stamping.  Not the best quality photo but happy with the  card.  

I plan to visit quite a few desks courtesy of Julia and woyww. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

woyww -mail

My desk has a lovely assortment of ATC's and cards from the swap.  Wipso and Twiglet's atc arrived on the day and Claire's soon after and I am impressed on their organisational skills.  Women like that should be running the country.  The other lovely card is from RosA who always remembers my birthday.  Thank you.
A pic of the best of the landscapes I did at the workshop.  As my teacher commented "our brains learn faster then our hands" and I do agree. By the end of the day my hands could no longer follow any instruction given by my brain.  Quite frustrating but I have to admit to enjoying the process rather then the end result.  
Now I am off to visit lots of desks ......which is always fun.