Tuesday, February 26, 2013

woyww- wet on wet

My finished "wet on wet technique" drying on my desk.  The idea being you wet the paper and then add brushes of watercolour and see what happens.  An exercise to empty one's mind and go with the flow.  As you can see my mind was a pine forest. 

Most of my desk is covered by the painting board. But you can see my handy paper towel with gumnut motifs  (I often notice prints on paper towels when I visit woyww... strange I know!) and my bottle of water.  Bottled water is frowned on in our house.  But it has stopped me washing my watercolour brushes in my drink. 
Finally a pic of my craft room floor with kitty sound asleep with twitching paw. I hope to get around and visit a number of desks on woyww for a dose of inspiration.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

woyww - watercolour grid

Still playing with watercolours and what you see on my desk is the completed glaze grid on a fairly tidy desk.  I had already started to pack away when I took the photo and there was an amazing mess to produce one A3 grid.  Even though the book is on the left it has nothing to do with the grid.   I am actually attending a series of classes on watercolour and this was one of the techniques we did on Tuesday.  Having access to a teacher is wonderful  and having a class of like minded "would be watercolourist's" is really inspiring.

Now I am planning on slowly visiting a number of desks on WOYWW over the next couple of days.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

woyww - brights and gelli plate

The beginnings of a gelli print.  Striving for a monochromatic  effect as I do tend to go overboard with colours.  If you doubt me check out the tags I made using the portfolio oil pastels inspired by Paperartsy tutes.

So not a lot happening on my desk but I am sure woyww will have lots of great ideas.  Join in courtesy of Julia