Tuesday, October 29, 2013

woyww - all consuming fete

The all consuming fete has taken up quite a bit of my time and hopefully explains why I have been AWOL for the past two weeks.  Here we have an early morning photo of my friend Rhonda with our display of goodies.  We did quite well raising over $800 for the school.  The knitted goods, some plant and hats were donated by other crafters but everything else was made by the two of us including the plants and herbs that we struck/ seeded etc.  All in all a very pleasing result.  Normal crafting well now resume and I hope by next week to have something to show on my desk.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

woyww - water, paint and a cannon

A photo taken late Tuesday as I splash around a bit of paint and water.  This started out as a wet on wet experiment and then I saw wisteria in the blue/purple blobs and went with the flow.  Really pleased in the end result.

Yesterday was our Labour day holiday and while out for a stroll DH stumbles across a celebration event for "Captain La Perouse, navigators and those who have died at sea".  A nicely timed pic of the cannon being fired and a storm brewing.  French sailors dressed in historical naval regalia.  It was quite impressive.

I will slowly visit woyww desks but it will happen over a few days and even the weekend.  Hope you don't mind.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

woyww - butterfly canvas

A birds eye view of my desk with a few fete projects that are waiting while I strategically plan butterfly placement.   Hard to believe that I have used all those bottles of glimmer mist on painting a few butterflies. I paint the glimmermist direct from the bottle onto the stamped butterfly and it gives a perfect butterfly shimmer.
A few more blooms as a thank you for all the lovely comments last week.  The lovely "Frugal Crafter" gave me an explanation as to why water bloom happens.   Knowing why has really helped.  Even though there is a bit in the pic above I now feel much more confident in dealing with the dreaded bloom.
Off to visit woyww before it turns into Thursday.