Wednesday, July 16, 2014

woyww - w/c sketch

This week my desk has a landscape watercolour sketch.  It was finished yesterday and left to dry on my desk.  I should be moving on to do my homework for  week 2 of "Sketchbook Skool" but, as it is self portraits not much is being done!!   Whenever I want to avoid something I just go off on a tangent/digress or procrastinate.  So today I am going to do all three and ask woyww a few questions.

 Do any woyww's sell craft online?  How easy is this to do? Would you recommend any sites such as etsy or do you just sell through your blog/ ebay.  I am just curious to see if anyone is actually selling the lovely stuff they make or giving it away.

Would love to hear what woyww's do with their craft and whether anyone has hit the big time.  By the time I get a few answers my class would of moved on to week 3 and I can get back to painting fruit rather than selfies.  Have a lovely woyww and promise to visit lots of desks over the week.


  1. Great watercolor landscape! Happy WOYWW, Evelyn # 54

  2. Hi Sandra, watercolour landscape is looking good! I think etsy would be the best option for selling online .. possibly?
    Lunch 13/8 sounds ok at this stage.

  3. Your watercolour looks lovely - its something I keep promising to have a go at. Not had much success at online selling. I think you have to self promote a lot through Facebook, blog etc.

  4. Hi Sandra, Happy WOYWW and thanks for visiting my desk. ooooh wow your landscape is wonderful - I do the same when I'm not sure how to proceed even do the cleaning. Cheers and have a great week RobynO#41

  5. Great watercolour! You've caught that landscape in a few strokes and washes :-) There are so many sellers on Etsy, you have to be very different to get noticed...I think that you'd get more business from a Facebook page dedicated to your art. I've seen LOTS of them recently. Good Luck!
    Hugs, LLJ 15 xx

  6. Hi Sandra, That's a great question I recently sold one of my paintings to a fellow blogger who asked if it was for sale. This started me thinking about offering my work for sale too. I am considering creating a separate blog solely to sell my work or perhaps sell on etsy I am still undecided . I have no personal experience of either. I think I will visit again to see if you get any helpful comments. Happy WOYWW!

  7. Hi Sandra, Thanks for your visit to my blog earlier and for the nice comments.

    My Etsy shop has been helpful, but it's not a "build it and they will come" project. You definitely have to put a lot of marketing work into it. Between that, my blog and YouTube channel I'm making progress, but by no means have I hit the big time!

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #52

  8. Hello. I'm just doing a quick run round a few blogs before I dash out to solicitors...manic day here today fitting in all I need to :-)
    All I would say about selling is good luck...few seem to want to pay for all the hard work you put into making the things but your work is lovely so I'd give it a go.
    Annie x #25

  9. Super watercolour from such a small paint tin! Go on have a go at the selfie. Thanks for visiting me BJ#45

  10. Hi Sandra, I would absolutely agree with Annies comment, generally people don't want to pay anywhere near what a handmade piece is worth- I think you need to choose your market carefully. Generally, I would think, on e-bay people want stuff as cheaply as they can get it, Etsy is a little more 'niche' aimed. Jans suggestion of a Facebook page is a good one, a lot of people are doing that now. Love your watercolours, you have made amazing progress with them.Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #64 xx

  11. Totally agree - people don't ever think handmade is worth nearly what it costs to make :) And if you ever read Regretsy (sadly now closed) you might be put off Etsy. If you do art, what MIGHT be worth doing is one of the sell-your-prints type thing. Let me look back - I know I passed on a UK version to someone not that long ago (she's in your sidebar :)) ... or maybe

    You build a shop and people buy prints of the art you upload. The site does all the creation of the canvases and the shipping and to be fair you don't get a ton of the cost but you can tell them what you want to net for a piece - so if you want to clear £10 per sale the item is priced at their cost + £10. It's not for actual real items, but if you paint of even art journal you can scan your work and offer it. People can order a print on canvas or other items (The US version offers mouse pads and mugs and even phone covers I think and is called FineArtAmerica)

    Your watercolours might just fit that sort of shop - I also think, unlike Etsy, there is no fee for creating a shop but there is more of a Pro version that comes with a shopping cart type thing - or maybe that is even in the free one, it's been a while since I looked at it :)

    Check it out. I don't do this, so I can't give you any first hand info, but give what you do it might just work for you with very little, if any, outlay. LMK how you get on if you do it. :)

    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (2)

  12. Love your watercolour! Good luck with the selling - I make cards, altered art and sewn items - sell now and then at craft fairs, have thought about on line but never have enough made, so for now I lead a paper craft group with my friend and make cards to commissions,,,thank you for visiting my WOYWW today, Carole ZX #49

  13. Well done, Sandra, great watercolour there today. I, too, put off what I don't want to do - get my head stuck in a book is the usual escape route!! I wish you well if you decide to sell your work. Much of mine is for us to give as gifts/cards, etc. I have been known to sell things - as has hubby. He once sold an oil painting for £100 - and that was 20years ago!! But folk aren't interested to pay what an item is worth if they think it is "just homemade" - even cards for £1.50 they regard as too expensive - then go buy a commercial, mass produced card for well over £2. No sense in it, really!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #13

  14. Lovely watercolor! I don't sell anything. People are always saying I should. But I do it for fun. If I was doing it to sell, it wouldn't be any fun for me anymore! Besides, I couldn't get enough to pay for supplies and my time! LOL I do lead a group at church in making cards for our church's encouragement ministry. #34

  15. Hey Sandra it's a tough place to sell out there for sure I've sold some things on ebay but have a better luck selling things to my friends when they see them it's so different to see it in right in front of you with art I would try and find a store that sells random artists or create enough to see if a local coffee house has wall space for a small percentage of the sales some bars even do that too that way they always have different art in the walls and keeps things fresh. I haven't tried esty before but some of my friends do OK on it hugs Nikki 7

  16. I love tha landscape, and that you're avoiding a selfie....why not do a portrait of someone one online will ever know!, I don't sell. But have a bit of advice from when I did. Never ever take it personally if it doesn't sell...., try it in a different sales environment. And don't sell it for cost of material only. If you don't factor in time and a profit, you're just subsidising your customers.

  17. A lot of mine go to charity, and soldiers abroad, i dont sell any unless someone commissions me to do some.
    Bridget #58

  18. Hullo Sandra thanks for popping over. Re selling.. I only sell to order and that does just fine for me. Have sold cards and calligrahy the latter is not necessarily local have sold one item via blog. Generally have enough to keep me busy. By the bye embedded comments are a right pain on mobile phone. Happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz x

  19. What a fun landscape watercolor sketch.

    Hugs Diane

  20. You have painted a really lovely landscape and as for your questions, no I don't sell online, I do sell to a wider public of people I know and they in turn also sell for me. Primarily I started crafting for medical reasons and now just love it full stop and it helps me when working long hours. I feel anything that can be made to make someone else happy suits me too, I feel word of mouth is great, but to purchase a hand made card online or some art, I am always skeptical and therefore er on the side of caution.

    Hope this helps.
    Thanks for visiting
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda

  21. Nope, never sold my artwork. What I don't keep I give away but cards are mainly used for birthdays for a large Yahoo group of friends.
    Love your landscape - I really should paint again as I have not done any for years.
    Hugs, & Thanks for the visit - Neet xx

  22. How is your procrastination going? I find PINTEREST is a REALLY easy way to put things off :-)


  23. I love your way of avoiding, Sandra. I think we all have goods ways of doing that! Your water colour is looking lovely. Do you have anywhere local that might be interested. I sell my cards that way, in local shops, only in a small way but it funds my crafty habit.
    Good Luck
    Hugs Lisax

  24. Your landscape is beautiful. As to the selling... I've thought about it but then think where would I find the time? LOL Keep us posted on what you discover. Creative Blessings! Kelly #75

  25. I sometimes sell the horse models that I have painted and I can only reiterate what everyone else has said. Peeps do not want to pay the going rate. E-bay has turned into a dreadful place for sellers, buyers expect something for nothing and will try their level best to get it. I stick to specialist model horse selling sites but even then, they want it at body cost. the only time I get a fair price.... materials, £6 hour labour costs, is when I am commissioned and I tell them the cost upfront. Good luck x

  26. I'm visiting the LATEST WOYWW post but your comment about selling brought me here. I wanted to see what everyone said. I'm planning to retire next year so hope to have time to create more and hopefully sell more. I've done some small arts and craft fairs and always have luck in making money (not a lot - but enough to pay for my booth and some profit). Now, I haven't looked at my crafting as a "business" in that I haven't kept detailed records of what something costs to make.

    I bought Kelly Rae Robert's "Flying Lessons" and am currently reading it. I just finished the section that talked about using every media outlet -- Facebook (as some have mentioned above), Twitter, etc. She started selling on Etsy (I have a shop and it's been neglected for years) and I think that's how the Demcado people found her. I work full time and have several illnesses which leave me drained and without energy so by the time the weekend comes around I honestly don't have any zip left.

    Regarding Etsy. It didn't cost me anything to set up my shop but it does cost a percentage when you list something. A small fee that might even be comparable to ebay. Please keep us posted on what you decide to do.

    Now, back to the current WOYWW post!

    Peace, Kay