Wednesday, April 30, 2014

woyww - leaves and pods

This is my desk very late on Tuesday night and as it won't change by Wednesday it is becoming my woyww pic.  The page was a composition assignment for Jane LaFazio's online class and I am happy with how it all came together.  "Keep it simple" definitely works for me.
A close up of the page which was originally ruled into thirds, objects drawn in the boxes or across a couple of boxes.  Then all the drawings are outlined in waterproof black ink, pencil lines rubbed out and watercolour added. Finally you draw lines around the boxes you want to keep and add some text and the date.  Nice and simple.

 I wonder what others have on their desk this week?

Friday, April 25, 2014

Sketch from the kitchen

Enjoying the online class with Jane LaFazio at "sketchbook skool".  Tried out her technique of adding book pages to the sketchbook for texture.   Then drawing the image in pencil, applying watercolour and finishing it off with a frame and text.  The next pic was drawn in pencil then overdrawn in black ink directly onto the sketch book paper with watercolour and then the frame outline.  
Just have to work on my writing.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

woyww - colour grid and other things

My messy desk in all its glory this wednesday is showing a colour grid of my travel w/colour box from Sakura.  I have just received my latest online purchases; watercolours, micron pens and Danny Gregory's book "An illustrated life".  Had to open  it and do a quick test of the colours.  Even though I have quite a few tubes of w/colour this little travel box was very cheap, the colours bright and transparent and they shouldn't leak in my bag when I am out and about.

Final pic is an attempt at drawing people and doing it as a gesture rather than getting lost in the detail.  The paper is buckled as I had finished the orchid but added more shading and the paper in the sketch book isn't all that great.

Enjoy your woyww and I hope to visit lots of desks over the next couple of days.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

orchids in a pot

Loving Prashart Miranda's  class this week.  Sitting on the deck and just painting what I see in watercolours.... no sketching just paint.  This was done so quickly that you can still see a spot of water drying on the right.    I also did the same pot in watercolour pencils a very different effect with definite strokes of pencil in the leaves.  Probably should of shaded in more colour before I added water.... but what the heck.
Prashant's 3 P's are:  Passion, Perserverance and Practice.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

woyww - sketchbook pics

This week I haven't got around to taking a photo of my desk but I do have photos of what has consumed my weeks.

I started Sketchbook skool on the 4th of April and so far I have completed a class with Danny Gregory and used his example of starting with a coloured wash, then paint and drawing using  black ink (iPhone). No pencil or eraser allowed.   The leek was an ink drawing with a colour wash.  I am so pleased with my leek that I had to write "a leek"!  DH rolls his eyes "stating the obvious" he mumbled...  But, I think it is a fantastic and very cooperative leek.
Second week of class was with Koojse Koene and her style is all about using coloured pencils.  Well I had to go and dig out pencils from the kids cupboard.  I bit time consuming and not the smoothest of finishes.  But in the end I was quite pleased with the result.
The teachers share some ideas and talk about the style they use at this stage not a lot of technique being taught.  Week 3 this friday and I look forward to a different teacher and hopefully a different style again.    Hope you woyww is going well and I will slowly visit over the easter weekend.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

woyww on a late Tuesday

What you see is an almost complete journal page using glimmer mist, gesso and rub ons.  Nothing too involved as I go for quick projects these days.  That also includes quick watercolours in my sketchbook.
Finding it easier to paint in the sketchbook rather than agonising over mistakes on the good watercolour paper that costs a fortune.  So now I have lots of paintings in my book while wishing I had used proper paper! All a bit circular but there you have it....even Kitty has had enough of my rambling.
 In the hope of not missing out on another WOYWW I am posting late on Tuesday so that I can link up even later on Wednesday and visit desks on the Thursday.