Thursday, December 24, 2015

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

painting a shell

The desk looks relatively tidy as I move on to painting a shell. One the left is a black and white image provided by Anna Mason and next to it is the very light sketch.  Just above the sketch is a lovely Xmas card that arrived yesterday from RosA (thank you). On the right is my pallet with the very dirty mixing tray waiting to be cleaned.  Not a great deal happening on the desk. 
 But, lots happening at home as we prepare for guests, gifts and lots of food followed by a holiday. 

Wishing everyone a merry christmas and happy new year.  

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Cat card on a Sunday night

A quick cat card whipped up on a Sunday night for a neighbour.

Hopefully it has captured her two kitties as we think of her this christmas.
Had to post the finished painting of the cosmos.  Pleased with the end result and I have to say 
all credit to Anna Mason and her wonderful tutorials.  I would of got into a muddle without her instructions guiding me along.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

woyww -cosmos, card and tray

 Short and sweet this week.  A glimpse of my new painting a cosmos .... which is starting to take shape and get some form.
 A beautiful cheery Xmas card from Nikki C and she added sweet bling.  Thank you Nikki it brought a smile to a dreary day.
An almost finished tray just waiting for the weather to clear before I spray it with a gloss sealer.
Hope your desk is full of inspiring ideas.  
I plan to visit quite a few desks over the weekend.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

woyww - a tray

In the middle of making Xmas cards I decided to repurpose a tray. Once upon a time it had tiny  white flowers and was all the go in the 80's. After a few hot washes the little flowers disappeared and I was left with a bright yellow tray.  Finally dawned on me I could give it a new look.
So far coming together and once the teacups are dry I will add a few stamps.  The little angel strategically placed looking at the teacups is for you Lisa. Last pic is the finished snow drop from last week.
Have I mentioned how much I am enjoying Anna Mason's online workshop.... so happy with the end result.  Happy woyww to all who visit.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

woyww - cards and paints

At the beginning of the week my desk was littered with a master plan for Xmas cards.  So often woyww's show their masterboards created (I think?) to form the background for a card or art work. Now that is such a good idea... so I used the painting from last week as the masterboard for my cards.  The only connection the clematis has with Xmas is the colour red!  

A photo of the finished painting which I scanned and printed for the cards.  This week my desk is a pic of another flower I have started in Anna Mason's beginner tutorials.

If I lived in the Northern hemishpere I could of used the snow drop for my Xmas cards but I would never be that organised.    Just happy I have got started on the cards.
Have a lovely woyww.
 I promise to slowly drop by and say hello to all who visit.