Tuesday, January 26, 2016

woyww - blossom and blooms

Working on Anna Mason's "apple blossom" tutorial and what should take 1 day has taken me a week and a half.  Only because I start, stop and dither, start, stop and have a cup of tea and then go to work and the cycle repeats.

The blossoms put me in the mood to make an edible bouquet.
Hopefully the chocolates will stay on until I can get it to work. Peaking out of the right hand corner is the lid to the box.

Finally the completed "apple blossom"  and all credit to Anna Mason online school.  Her detailed technique suits me to a tea.
Have a lovely woyww.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday painting

Joining in with Alexandra's Sunday sketch or in my case the Saturday painted shell. 

 Happy with the end result.  The next tutorial will be the "apple blossom" which is an intermediate lesson on Anna Mason's online school.  Generally I follow the set tutorials but,  I thought I was ready for a challenge and skipped a few of the beginner classes. Hope to have something to show by next week.

Alexandra's post listed some of her likes and dislikes so here are a few of mine.

I like a cup of english breakfast tea and I love cats.
I dislike having lots of food allergies

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

woyww - back to the shell

 Painting the shell for the second time.  I still have 3 more tutorials to watch before it is complete.  The one started last month was given away as a thank you.  Have no idea why I have all my paints on the desk when I am only using 5 but probably due to laziness on my part.

Couple of pics from the sketchbook - lotus flowers and orchids at the hotel.
So good to be home and back into the woyww routine.  
Have a great week.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

holiday sketches

Back from a short holiday and fighting a nasty cold after the flight.  To get my mind off feeling so blah I have scanned a couple of pages from my travel sketchbook.  These days I tend to sketch while on holidays rather than taking photos.  I used the "perfect sketchbook" (9x14cm), watercolour pencils and Daniel Smith watercolour paints.  

 Dragon fruit needs to be painted for its vibrant colours and have just learnt that it comes from a cactus.

A quick sketch of some of the great  street foods in Hanoi along with their obsession with strong black coffee served with tea.

Love the contrast of huge modern cities alongside traditional fishing boats on the Han river in Da Nang.