Wednesday, May 18, 2016

woyww - tulips and not much else

Last weeks atc frenzy has come to an end and I started painting tulips and then it all came to a stop.  What you see on my desk this wednesday is the first stages of the painting.  Highlights and lowlights.  Plastic bag over the top of paints to stop dust and fluff drifting onto the plate.   Dirty water and paper towel on the left just sitting waiting for me to come back.  Hopefully this weekend I can get into watching more of Anna Mason's tutorial and visit lots of desks.
Wish I had more to show :( 


  1. But what you show is completely beautiful, so don't worry! I love how your watercolour technique has developed so much over the past few've really got the knack. Those tulips are fantastic, I love yellow!
    Thanks for the support today,
    Hugs, LLJ xxx

  2. That is really looking lovely, I'm sure it will be fantastic when you find time to finish it. TFS. Happy WOYWW Cindy #36

  3. Those tulips are going to be as stunning in their own way as was your rose, Sandra. Well done.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #5

  4. First stages?! That would be finished for me, LOL! I hardly ever work on anything longer than one sitting. 2-3 hours tops. I need instant gratification! That's why I will never paint anything realistic, I know! Your tulips already look much better than I could ever paint them! Happy Wednesday! zsuzsa #37

  5. Wow, stunning as always Sandra! I love how you show the stages, until we get to see it an all its finished glory. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #2 xxx

  6. All I will say is tulips are more than enough....they are looking fab already.
    Annie x #13

  7. I wish I had you patience - I can't paint something that's not done in one sitting. The tulips are going to be beautiful!!
    Happy WOYWW

  8. Very pretty tulips they are too!

    Sharon K #45

  9. Very lovely painting!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Sussie nr 17

  10. How very pretty! For just starting they're looking great!
    Carol N #44

  11. Gorgeous art work, just so lovely. Hope you have a great woyww and a happy crafty week too, Angela x 20

  12. Tulips looking good, but I'm looking forward to seeing the rose IRL!
    I will put aside an (Anniversary) ATC for you :)
    RosA # 43

  13. You may wish you had more to show but I'd say you have definitely gone for quality over quantity! This is just stunning, even at this early stage - your watercolour technique is amazing and every time I visit you I have a new favourite!!
    Diana #26

  14. My favorite flowers and wow, you capture them so beautiful in your painting! Thanks for your visit to my blog earlier - have a great day. Hug from Holland, Marit #34

  15. Very pretty tulips lovely yellows I love the painted tulips best. Over here we have the adorable little squirrels that are sometimes kind enough to let me enjoy some of mine before they make a snack out of all of mine in the backyard. I got to see one this year then the next say as a warning there was the flower top lying one foot away from the plant as I'm guessing a warning to me... if you forget the Peanuts again the tulips will get it lol
    Hugs Nikki late getting around 8

  16. Thanks so much for popping in and for your comment. Lovely to hear from you. I have been travelling so much I have only just caught up.
    Your tulips are just delicious. Beautiful!
    Jo x